Canadian postage stamps to be made in the USA
Expect a rise in postal rates this summer. History has shown that the slightest hint of a cost hike has been enough encouragement to bring on an increase.

Late June is the date given by Ashton Potter Canada for moving part of their operations from the Toronto plant to its U.S. facility, headquartered in the Buffalo area of New York state. Most of Canada's postage stamps are now being produced by Ashton Potter Canada in conjunction with Canadian Bank Note. The announced move will see about half of Canada's postage stamps being printed in the United States.

Printing stamps is big business, the printers argue, and Ashton Potter is part of a Toronto corporation that produces stamps for about 70 countries.

One still wonders why Canadian Bank Note does not retain the full printing rights of Canada's postage stamps instead of sharing the business with an American-based firm.

Hopefully the next news release will not announce that Canada's paper money will be produced south of the border as well.