Reactions to the FTAA Summit
Who initiated the violence?
In what some called "a staged coup", seven people were taken into custody before the Quebec Summit meeting last April. They were to face such charges as conspiracy to commit mischief likely to endanger life; possession of an explosive substance with intent to use it; and theft and possession of military devices.

Police displayed their cache of crude weapons which they said had been destined for protesters. Included in the confiscation were noise grenades, smoke bombs, shields, bags of steel balls, baseball bats, helmets, hammers and spray paint.

Pierre-David Habel told Montreal's Le Devoir April 19 that an undercover agent had infiltrated the Germinal anti-globalization group, inciting them to commit disruptive acts. Without clearly telling them to commit violent acts, he said the agent provided them with equipment and urged them to get prepared to disrupt the Summit meeting.

He claimed the police were trying to justify the security measures being imposed.

A woman told the Montreal Gazette that the group was infiltrated a couple of months previously by a man named Nicolas. She said he helped buy materials for shields and supplied the group with cellphones. He also participated in the meetings and provided the car in which the materials were seized.

Apparently none of the people arrested by the police was named Nicolas.