The Mailbox

  Privatization of Ontario Hydro will hit Ontarians where it hurts
Jim Wiseman Ajax, ON
  Health care must remain Canadian
Rene Moreau
Toronto, ON
  Where's the justice? The punishment must fit the crime
Alan Macdonell
Williamstown, ON
  One way to purify drinking water
Murray Ross
Swan River, MB
  Reader seeks information about American Express
David L. Healey
Nelson, BC
  There's a disparity in the statistics
Bruno Hempel
Arthur, ON
  A tax fighter responds
Kaz-Chester: Crischuk, CGA
Kelowna, BC
  Who are Chretien's real friends?
Mr. Jean H. Broeckx
Chilliwack, BC
  Reader writes of 'kick-back kakistocrats'
Fred Kirkman
Vancouver, BC
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