CAPturing Courage:
News of the Canadian Action Party
By CAP Leader
The Honourable Paul Hellyer

This is a crucial time in Canadian and world history. Canada is in real danger of disappearing as an independent country as the influence of corporate globalization continues to expand. The situation is so serious that I believe the time has come to reassess our political strategy.

During the last election, it became obvious that there was a vacuum in Canadian politics. Voters were looking for an alternative to the Liberal government -- but no party met the test. The Alliance showed initial strength, but petered out when its policies and new leader became better known. None of the other parties were ever in contention.

So the election ended with a widespread desire for a re-shuffling of the political deck. The most visible effort in this direction was a to-date-unsuccessful campaign to "unite the right" through a marriage of the Alliance and the PCs. This is being masterminded by the parties' corporate donors who want an alternative to the Liberals that is also firmly committed to "free" trade and globalization. However, this scenario is not very attractive to most voters. They are tired of being dominated by corporate and international interests to the detriment of Canadian independence and citizens' interests.

Canada really needs a progressive, broad-based party which is pro-Canada and people oriented.

With this reality in mind, the executive of the Canadian Action Party has adopted a dual strategy. The resolution reads:

a. that we form riding associations, recruit members, propagate our views, and raise money in order to increase our clout on the political landscape;

b. that we network with other activists to build a united front to fight the issues that are important to us; that we use this opportunity to broaden the range of understanding of these fundamental issues; and that we encourage the formation of one amalgamated new party, committed to fight against globalization and for monetary reform, with the potential of becoming the "Prince in Waiting" and of winning the next federal election.

Since that resolution was passed last February 10, the party has been following both strategies. We have increased our membership and our strength. At the same time, I have written another book, Goodbye Canada, which will be available shortly. It alerts Canadians to the fact that we are losing our country; it explains why unregulated, globalized investment is not beneficial for smaller countries, especially Canada; and it reveals exactly where money comes from, explaining why no country can meet the needs of its people unless government creates part of the money supply and spends it into circulation for the benefit of its citizens.

The book also makes clear that the time for talk is over and immediate action is required if we are going to save Canada and reverse the current destructive course of history.

To get this information out, I will be visiting most major Canadian cities in October and November, in advance of the NDP convention -- speaking to the press, addressing non-partisan "town hall" meetings, and encouraging concerned Canadians from various parties to become more effective by uniting in order to preserve the country.

A recommendation for action will soon be made to the party executive. If approved, it will be submitted to members for adoption -- or otherwise, as they see fit. (Check your membership card to ensure it has not expired!) All CAP members are asked to participate in this process so the party can play a crucial role in uniting all fair-minded nationalists, thereby revitalizing the Canadian political landscape.

We MUST end the current lack of political co-ordination and co-operation among caring Canadians which is allowing the globalizers a free rein in Canada and around the world.

Tentative Schedule

Oct. 3 -- Ottawa, Ont.
1) Newsmakers Breakfast
2) 5:30-7:30 pm Book Launch, National Press Club, 150 Wellington St.
Oct. 10-12 Toronto Press & Meet the Author
Oct. 14, 4 pm Toronto Mobilization for Global Justice, OISE
Oct.15-16 Winnipeg, Man.
Oct. 17 Saskatoon, Sask.
Oct. 18 Regina, Sask.
Oct. 22 Vancouver, B.C.
Oct. 23 Kamloops, B.C.
Oct. 24 Calgary, Alta.
Oct. 25 Edmonton, Alta.
Oct. 29 Hamilton, Ont.
Oct. 30 Kitchener, Ont.
Nov. 1 London, Ont.
Nov. 2 Windsor, Ont.
Nov. 6 Sherbrooke, Que.
Nov. 7 Quebec City, Que.
Nov. 8-9 Montreal, Que.
Nov. 13 Moncton, N.B.
Nov. 14 Halifax, N.S.
Nov. 15 St. John's, Nfld.

Times and venues are to be confirmed. For further details, call toll free (877) 629-0841 or visit:


When the public meeting nearest to you has been confirmed, call 50 people at random, telling them WHERE, WHEN and WHY.

Call your local bookstores and ask if they have stocked Goodbye Canada and if not, WHY NOT.

Fight corporate globalization at any time by writing letters to the editor and calling local, regional or national phone-in shows.

Make the most of any opportunity to be heard.