Govt. working to privatize health care
By Gerry Masuda
One of the many means the politicians use to manipulate the public is to create a problem that arouses a strong reaction from the public demanding that government "do something" to provide a solution.This then gives the government the support it needs to enact legislation which it wants but does not have the public's support to do.

A good example of this can be seen in Medicare.

The real problem facing Medicare is a drastic cutback in federal funding, from 50 per cent to the current 14 per cent. The funding cutbacks created an increasing deterioration in Medicare: severely overworked caregivers, obsolete and poorly maintained equipment, reduction in hospital beds, long line-ups, long waiting lists, etc.

The government's "solution" is predictable: privatize health care -- something which will not be possible until the situation deteriorates past the critical stage and the public reaction increases, demanding that "something be done".

The pressure is still not great enough to "force" the government to impose privatization as the solution to the original problem of the funding cuts to Medicare.

This charade is proving increasingly painful -- to the caregivers, to those needing medical attention, and to their families. We need to educate the public in the problem - reaction - solution manipulation model and get them to demand -- not that "something must be done" -- but that the federal government restore funding to Medicare as the solution.