Another war we're fighting
By Art Bradford
The recent slogan of the Defence of Canadian Liberties Committee in Vancouver should include the dumping of the Free Trade Agreement of 1989. It includes the word "subsidy" which in his 1993 campaign, Jean Chretien promised to have clearly defined. Of course it did not happen and the current retroactive 19.3 per cent duty on B.C. lumber is based on an incredible American interpretation of that word.

The fact that this prime minister, virtually on his own, signed away much more of our sovereignty in 1994 via NAFTA is proof that the well-being of most Canadians was never ever intended.

The slogan is, "Save democracy from corporate greed. Dump NAFTA -- abort FTAA." Peaceful demonstrators around the world have been making that statement on our behalf. However, police, and sometimes the military, have unconstitutionally been allowed to take away their rights of freedom of assembly and speech.

Have any media mingled with the 99.9 per cent who have been peaceful? Have they observed the life-threatening abuse and interviewed the sufferers in order to get the complete story to us?

As one organic farmer has said, we are fighting World War III against our corporate-friendly governments and the huge corporations themselves.

Remember that changes within corporations do occur when we refuse to buy their products or services.
Art Bradford lives in Orillia, ON