Confidential census information is for sale
Donald Neuls reports having heard a representative of Statistics Canada make a startling admission on a radio talk show June 6. That representative said the information gleaned from the Canadian census is made available to various groups -- for a price.

These groups could be Equifax, who now own Polk City Directories, as well as any number of other such companies.

The representative admitted that 15 per cent of the population had not completed their census forms. Some had even phoned in and told them they would not be completing the forms, he said. He spoke of no reprisals for non-compliance.

On May 10, Kevin McKelheran wrote in a letter to David Bolger, legal council for Statistics Canada: "For my better understanding of the "confidentiality" and "secrecy" surrounding the information given on a census form, how much of this information is passed to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in meeting its desires and interests?"

In Mr. Bolger's prompt reply, dated May 11, he wrote: "If the IMF wishes to obtain any aggregate date (i.e. anonymous information) from the national census that is not publicly available, they have to pay for it."