The Market de Sade and the global plantation
By Sydney White

Genoa was the line of demarcation. The apartheid that supposedly moved out of South Africa has now gone global. Paid mercenaries, who don't panic because they are trained to kill, are being absolved of murder because "protesters were ready to attack them". Are our (s)elected leaders being advised by Ariel Sharon?

Chretien, along with the other leaders of this feudal gathering, "regrets the violence", while insisting that they are leaders "elected by democratic process". So was Hitler.

Democracy means that the majority rules. In ancient Greece the majority ruled for slavery. With enough propaganda, a majority can be created for any philosophy, no matter how faulty or cruel. Witness Ontario's Harris regime, that does not require any input from either the public or the other parties.

Proportional representation and campaign reform are always given lip service during election campaigns but when the race is over, they soon land in the trash. Choices are narrowed to the same small group of inheriting families with like minds and like money, whether it is local or global.

Now Chretien and his cronies are looking for a meeting place that is safe from protesters. How about the Bertchesgarten? The WTO has solved the problem. Their next soiree is in Qatar, where protests and demonstrations are illegal.

The result of corporate rule is no different from communist or fascist rule. Totalitarianism behaves the same, no matter what its ideological skin. The danger is that the share(slave)holders in the global plantation may win by default, because the diverse groups of protesters cannot see past the veil of corporate logos to the inner sanctum.

It is no coincidence that the first goldsmith/bank was in Venice and that investments in the slave trade were first managed from there. Banks are the largest corporations; they dictate to lesser corporations such as monarchies, parliaments and business, through their loans. All the "trade" agreements are written by the international banks; they are debt contracts on a global scale, demanding payment in the form of tangible resources. From the bankers' manipulation, few countries are now self-sufficient.

The price of everything we buy -- from the roof over our heads to the crust of bread -- contains a silent tax, compound interest.

Capitalism, as originally defined in early America, is not the problem. The cancer in capitalism, that drives "growth at any cost", is compound interest on loans from thin air, leeching the blood of the planet. Take back the illegitimate creation of money from the private bankers and return the medium of exchange to governments. Then sovereign nations may have a chance. There could be a global community of independent countries co-operating with each other, instead of the planned "World Order" ruled by the same oligarchy of the last 300 years.

Other U.S. presidents, along with Lincoln and Kennedy, knew there would be no economic democracy with a privatized central bank. They were assassinated because they knew it. Andrew Jackson got rid of the private central bank between 1830 and 1840; and, for the first time, the U.S. had a surplus instead of a debt. Jackson parceled out the surplus to the states for infrastructure. Shortly after, an assassin with two pistols shot Jackson at close range and missed him both times. (Maybe he wasn't paid enough to buy glasses.)

Soon after the bankers' coup of 1913, a brilliant mathematician and engineer, Major C. H. Douglas, invented a sound and logical economic system which counted citizens as assets and resulted in economic equity to business and individuals. He named this system Social Credit. It was based on the idea of the credit union, but was applied nationally. In 1932, the U.S. Congress voted overwhelmingly to integrate his system.

The unassailable logic of Social Credit was the biggest threat that the global money privateers had ever faced. The mailed fist of the "Federal" Reserve came down quicker than you could say "foreclosure" and the popular bill never made it to the Senate. If not for that second tragedy, Americans might have a guaranteed national income instead of "welfare" and a universal health care system instead of the dollars-or-die death care they have now.

Canadians are but little better off because MacKenzie King, who was a crony of Rockefeller, only gave the Bank of Canada 50 per cent of the money creation, when he had promised 100 per cent. Consequently, today's honest, interest-free money is down to 2 per cent -- the change in your pocket.

Now we are told that we "can't afford our social programmes". What we are not being told is that our taxes are paying out $45 billion every year in interest alone to private banks for loans that our government used to get from the Bank of Canada at minimal or no interest.

We have been betrayed by the "managers" of our central bank, which supported our infrastructure, physical and social, for 41 years and could do so today. It is not the Bank of Canada that is at fault, but the intentional disobedience of its Charter.

The only way we can save our sovereignty and the earth's environment is by reclaiming government issuance of new money. Newly created money should not have interest on it because it has not yet performed a service. The bankers know this, but their paid academics will not tell you. Instead, privately owned central banks charge interest on every new dollar they create.

The United States was the first nation to cut out the middle man in their money system by giving Congress the right to issue new money. You see, Congress was the only body directly responsible to the people, preventing any hanky panky by politicians or their pals. The bankers' cartel, which had already mortgaged Europe, was terrified that America's brilliant and logical example would be followed by other countries, that they would be cast down from the heights of king-making to the banking benches. After inflicting wars, depressions and assassinations to weaken the country, the European privateer bankers got their vengeance by usurping America's monetary system on Dec. 23, 1913. Since that black day, the United States government, like all others before it, has had to pay interest on every bill the financiers print. Americans were deprived of their credit for building the nation; they staggered on through more wars, depressions and assassinations; and today, compound interest is still leeching from every citizen's effort.

Canadians are in the steerage of the same leaky boat.

Today, the brave and enthusiastic protesters are blaming "capitalism" instead of the parasitic usury which has infested all human production. Einstein was once asked what was the most powerful formula in the world. He replied without hesitation: "compound interest". The "capitalism" that naive students now protest is cartelism: monopolies that were once illegal, the first one being the bankers' monopoly of the issuance of money and credit. (For those new to monetary history, the formula for this virtual counterfeiting is set out in "The Turn of the Screw", D&D, January 2001.)

The international bankers, who can manufacture billions at will, are the ones paying the police armies to happily beat dissenters senseless. They've simply exchanged the larcenous pen of the goldsmith for a computer keyboard. This has enabled them to trade globally in their favourite renewable resource - people.

The mutation of economics does not mean that banking should be done away with, or that all banks should be nationalized. If you want to own a Maserati but you can't pay cash, you can try to talk your local banker into lending you the money to do so. You have that choice and the burden of interest that goes with it. Commercial banks have a function, but they must remain lending brokers, not creators of money.

The second idiocy is that central banks are "owned" by private "shareholders"! But that is the case. A central bank must belong to the people because its vault is the country -- with all its resources, including the intellect and labour of its citizens. New money is then issued debt-free according to production and consumption.

The massive revisionist history which has forced acceptance of private central banks proves that, like smoking or eating blowfish, a self-destructive act can become a habit, even a tradition. For instance, the Revolutionary War was not caused by a "tax on tea", as naive teachers expound, but, as Benjamin Franklin explained: "It was England forbidding the colonies to use their own interest-free scrip" that sparked the revolution.

Today, the eye of the octopus is still the global banking cartel, and it's grown much longer tentacles. These are the "free trade" agreements -- not much different than the previous opium trade agreements and the slave trade agreements. Descendants of the same money masters pass them on with instructions to our (s)elected leaders. As long as the citizens are convinced that some political philosophy will bring economic democracy, while remaining ignorant of the false monetary system, the rentiers of money will back all factions and keep its lenders ruling in obscene luxury on the interest.

The ruling banks are absolutely impartial as to which revolution or war they invest in, and the biggest plum is in the works -- the global plantation.

How has this economic absurdity of "money from thin air" escaped detection and gone on to become an accepted part of national and global finance? The one revolution that the banking cartel fears is the one against them. They have ensured that this will not happen because they decide the kind of history that will be taught and what kind of economics will be recognized. Any student today who is paying exorbitant fees for a degree in history, political science or economics, is wasting his time and money. He is being sold a selective education, full of errors and omissions -- one that will allow him to "kick against the pricks" just long enough to learn his lesson and ultimately conform for his own survival. He will read the texts set before him and carry anti-capitalism signs, not knowing that Rothschild, in a fit of pique, inflicted the War of 1812 on America because they didn't want his bank. Nor does that student know that Rothschild also said, "Let me control the money of a country and I care not who makes its laws."

The protestor will risk his life in the front line, unaware that the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds gave millions to Stalin, Trotsky, Lenin and Hitler -- and are still betting on both sides today.

The international socialist wants a revolution but he has not read Plato's warning: "The money-lenders keep their eyes on the ground and do not appear to see the poor revolutionaries [emphasis added], but they injure by exacting interest at many times the principal sum, and so they create a considerable number of drones and beggars..." Since Plato first warned his students about the man nobody sees, the drones and beggars have increased a billionfold. Aristotle, G. K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis and many others of integrity have pointed out how conspicuous is the banker's absence from the wars and depressions in "educational" texts.

The global presidium have always known that the best lie is the lie that is almost true. This maxim governs all "education", right up to the most rarified air of academia. The revisions of history are being carved in marble as I write. Indulgent in everything they survey, their authors are only frugal with the facts. Just as an "excess of democracy" was bothersome to Rockefeller, so is it annoying to corporate universities and their think tanks. A student of political theory told me recently that in a Plato text, the professor told the class they could skip a certain chapter, but he decided to read it. The chapter concerned usury, a word that is now verboten by unwritten law. Apparently economic injustice no longer has a place in "political theory".

Welcome to the corporate "special ed" that passes for learning.

The second maxim of the free trade overseers, is that the best slave is the one who believes he is free. Freedom means responsibility for your own actions, but we are indoctrinated to believe that the most important responsibility is to pay our debts. What is never discussed is that your debts are usually paid many times over, before you are free of them.

"Whether it is nobler in the mind" for the debtor to starve while he is paying for his roof four times over, or more responsible to "take up arms" against a sea of loan sharks, is now the pertinent question.

Protesters against the IMF [International Monetary Fund]and the World Bank have made the connection that compound interest is literally starving people to death. As C.S. Lewis stated: "A crime that has been condemned by the ancient Greeks, 19th century philosophers and the great Christian teachers, has become the foundation on which our whole existence is based!"

The Bolshevik Revolution made no difference to Rockefeller; his Russian bank remained unscathed. After all, he and his European banking pals invested hugely in the "glorious revolution" which resulted in the death of some 60 million, while usury remained alive and well.

It all started when Mordecai Levi, a man with an idea, married into the aristocracy and became Karl Marx. He declared that religion was "the opiate of the people," and then proceeded to invent his own. Unfortunately, like his ideology, he had to be supported by capitalism in the person of the industrialist Engels in order to survive.

Marx was too early for the cathode ray tube or he could have been the first televangelist. Instead, Communism's gurus had to depend on the largesse of the bankers, and even that didn't come close to the average take of Tammy Faye Baker or the 700 Club. If all the television sets were to go black tomorrow, there would be a global revolution before Christmas. Vicarious living would be over; people would stare into the bone white eye sockets of reality, and rage would reign. The banking cartel loves television, so much so, that they bought it.

In setting up an apartheid economy, the smart parasite always remembers that he cannot completely destroy his host, or he goes down with the ship. Now the G8 crowd are going to invite some poor countries to the table. They ostensibly are going to make "poverty" the subject of their next conference. They will not apply economic justice to eradicate it; but, like cancer and AIDS, they will establish poverty as a burgeoning industry. They will develop and drain off resources, leaving the locals just enough sustenance for a "mini" life of the bare essentials. But should there be even a small uprising, the bankers and their corporate subsidiaries can buy (with their private printing press) every mercenary on the globe, supplying each one with more weapons than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The only way to free the slaves from the Global Plantation is to cut the bankers off at the pass and clamor for their illegitimate money franchise to be taken away. Since they have taken over a government's right to issue its own money (by misleading the politicians to vote for it) then Americans can, in turn, reclaim that right by rescinding those spurious bills. Canadians can reclaim their right to use the Charter of the Bank of Canada as it was written by demanding that this government stop borrowing from private and foreign banks and return those loans to our imperfect but usable central bank. We must stop the unethical compound interest of the last 300 years that drives the growth-at-any-cost psychosis. If we do not, the earth may become a charred blister of melted plastic widgits.

Countries cannot keep up with their phony debts without sacrificing their citizens. Apartheid economies are being created by privatizing all public assets and public lands in order to pay these debts that have already been paid many times. Privatization means no regulations and those previously public assets, such as water, have already become public poisons. De-listing and user fees will inflict an apartheid health care system, where wealth determines your life span.

In Ontario, funds have now been robbed from the public education system to be handed over to private religious schools. This will drive public education into "partnerships" with corporations -- further dumbing down the majority who will be indoctrinated as peaceful consumers, while the elite are educated to manage them. As the opposition told the Finance Minister in the Ontario Legislature: "This Bill will create segregation and elitism" -- the two illnesses of apartheid.

I asked a teacher who had attended the token hearings how she felt about the destruction of public education and health care. She replied, "Like a Palestinian."

The fight for equitable economics is a fight for life itself. Many good men and presidents were assassinated before 1913 and many more have been assassinated since. It is an ongoing battle. We have seen the boot come down in Genoa. Those risking their lives should know who actually buys that boot. They are the same ones who spawned infections of apartheid in the past and who are happily speculating on their shares in the coming Global Plantation.

Before a new reader may think I have made too much of the monetary solution, let me tell you what happened when I was invited to appear on Counterspin, the show with the "cutting edge".

Someone told them that I "knew about banking." They did not know exactly what I knew, or they would not have called.

The former chairman of the Royal Bank was the guest. He was arguing unconvincingly that there was no cause for complaint, that the initiated of the temple did really know best. After being on the hot seat for a few minutes, Mr. McCallum tried to avoid my questions by declaring, "But I'm not with the bank anymore. I'm now an MP." I replied, "Even more dangerous,"and the microphone was immediately whisked away.

Meanwhile, many in the audience were clamoring for a show on the Bank of Canada and its history of lending to the government at no interest. Avi Lewis promised, on the air, that he would do this. At the close of the show, the former chairman of the Royal Bank was heard to ask Avi in anxious tones: "You're not really going to do a show on the Bank of Canada, are you?" That was a year ago and no such show has yet been presented.

Recently, the abuse of our central bank has reached its nadir. Bank of Canada bonds have been privatized! They're being handed over to the management of the EDS Texas Corporation. I am fairly certain that this latest atrocity will amputate, along with the Bank, any hope of the promised Counterspin.

Well Avi, I guess the only "cutting edge" that Canadians are going to see is the one on the infamous double axe!

This article is dedicated to the internationally respected John Hotson, Professor of Economics, one of the founders of The Committee of Monetary and Economic Reform, who saw the truth and broadcast it. His untimely death, several years ago, has left no replacement.

A member of COMER, Sydney White teaches Studies in Propaganda at the Free University of Toronto.