A handy guide that describes the terrorists we seek
The terrorists we are pursuing have special characteristics. Here are some:

1. The leader who is accused of terrorist activity is the spoiled son of a powerful man, from an extremely wealthy oil family.

2. This terrorist leader has declared a holy war (jihad, crusade) against his enemies. He believes that any nation not with him is against him. He believes God is on his side and that any means are justified.

3. The terrorists are supported by extreme fundamentalist religious leaders who preach hatred, intolerance, subjugation of women and persecution of non-believers.

4. The leadership was not attained through the will of the majority of the people in a free and fair democratic election.

5. This terrorist group has killed thousands of innocent civilians, some of them children, in cold-blooded bombings.

6. The terrorists operate through clandestine organization with agents in many countries. They use bombing, assassination and other terrorist tactics.

7. The terrorists use war as a pretext to clamp down on dissent and undermine civil liberties.