Air Canada flight targeted by terrorists
Air Canada Flight 704, scheduled to depart Toronto at 9 a.m. on Sept. 11, was grounded within minutes of hearing that two planes had crashed into the World Trade Centre.

New York was the destination of Flight 704 as well. All the passengers deplaned and returned home.

Despite instructions to airline employees and the passengers of Flight 704 not to speak of the matter to the media, one passenger did give information with the promise of anonymity. He told the Globe and Mail that investigators had said that box cutters had been found under some of the seats on Flight 704.

Box cutters were used by the terrorist hijackers in their attacks of Sept. 11.

The likelihood that Flight 704 was slated to make another terrorist hit on Sept. 11 seems likely, but RCMP and other officials are not talking about it. They have been busy questioning every passenger that had been on the aircraft that morning and will answer no questions. Air Canada officials are just as unwilling to comment on the possibilities or the facts of the situation.