Politicians issue statements

The ruling elite of the United States hierarchy seems to be slowly but surely establishing an economic war culture under the guise of globalization and free trade.

By invoking the posture: "If you are not for us, you are against us," they have successfully lined up their populace to impose the attack mode throughout the marketplace, even into the sports stadiums and basketball courts.

Under the self-proclaimed Manifest Destiny theory of their history, the Americans have assured that Canadian history will note the following battles as the Bush-led troops instigate hostile attacks on the Canadian economy. Canada's economy embraces farming, forestry, fishery and ecology as its kingpins. Hence we have the Battle of Devil's Lake; the Battle of Softwood Lumber; the Battle of the Salmon Fishery; the Battle of the Wheat Board; the Battle of Wheat Subsidies; the Battle of Green Peas and Lentils Subsidies; and the Battle over Kyoto.

Coming are the battles over natural gas subsidies and pipelines over Canadian lands.

By purporting that this is all part of the War Against Terrorism and that wars always include casualties from friendly fire, they have convinced our political figureheads to resort to conversation and talk. Canada's Liberal Cabinet now seems to be our NATO headquarters: no action; talk only.

The "friendly fire" from Washington has fallen all over our country. Is it not time for Canada's government leader to declare, as he caves in to special interests, that a state of economic war exists and has been so enacted by President Bush? Is it not time to appeal to the United Nations?

Even though the American president signed NAFTA, that agreement is still subject to American internal trade rules. Will we ever know just what secret deals were made with the individual American states? Or what internal subsidies are still to be legislated that insured passage through the American Congress?

Why the war against Canada?

One explanation offered is that Canada offers support to Cuba. (Note how Castro attended Trudeau's funeral.) Cuba's emigres fled to Florida where they massively supported President Bush in his controversial presidental election. He owes them, big time!

Some Americans would say he owes Canada too. But maybe President Bush would just rather own Canada.

Hugh Murray
Springstein, MB

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