Parents need more knowledge about vaccines
By Alan A. Macdonell

Earlier this year, a Texas-based radio talk show host, Alex Jones, interviewed a young mother of twin boys who had suffered an adverse reaction from the use of one or more vaccines. At four to six months of age, these infants were transformed from happy, healthy and alert bundles of joy into brain-damaged, pain-wracked vegetables, not expected to live out the year.

This heart-wrenching story elicited a wave of phone calls offering support, suggestions and sympathy -- to an extent overwhelming enough to almost restore a man's faith in humanity. Short wave programs such as these certainly reinforce my conviction that the reservoir of compassion, intelligence and strength exhibited in these situations will eventually retrieve the world from the totalitarian abyss toward which we're currently being herded.

As a concerned grandparent, I became interested in the detrimental effects of vaccines and the medical-pharmaceutical reaction to reports on the subject. A number of shortwave programs and Internet websites offer a wealth of information on vaccines.

Eventually I contacted the American Gulf War Veterans Association, P.O. Box 85, Versailles, Missouri 5084; and, for US$20, received about 80 or 90 pages of dynamite on the subject in the form of a book by N. Miller. The most impressive feature in this book is the obvious struggle to remain objective and to present the information as impartially as possible.

Included in the package were three hours of cassette tape recordings containing testimonies from disabled Gulf War and VietNam veterans. The American Gulf War Veterans Association provides a story of military, pharmaceutical and government malfeasance sufficient, in itself, to generate a grassroots call for the return of the guillotine. But I don't want to get into that now. Today the focus is on parents.

An article from the Journal of Pediatrics linking Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) to the effects of second-hand smoke appeared in the Cornwall Freeholder last Feb. 21. I found this interesting because the Journal of Pediatrics must be well aware of the number of documented cases brought forward by parents linking crib deaths (SIDS) to the effects of vaccines. In fact, many parents are angry at the medical policy of denying vaccine involvement in any or all infant injuries or death. Vaccine reactions are routinely classified under other diseases, such as meningitis or SIDS.

Class action lawsuits involving this subject are currently under way in Britain and the U.S. and possibly in other countries.

I was always under the impression that most peoples' medical records were the patients' personal property and would always be available -- either from the physician or stored on microfilm at some central storage facility. It is disappointing to learn that such is no longer the case, possibly never was the case.

Apparently current laws designate medical records as the property of the physician. Most doctors will co-operate in supplying medical records at the patient's request, but they are not required to do so. If an adversarial situation develops between the medical profession and an individual -- in Ontario at least - such an individual can be denied access to his/her own medical records. These records are no longer stored on microfilm but are routinely destroyed after six years.

Parents, take note: Your copy of immunization cards will eventually be the only record available. It is important to have the manufacturer's name, as well as the lot number of the vaccine being administered, included on this certificate. Parents are also entitled to a copy of the Manufacturer's Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Mandatory vaccines, or vaccines administered despite parents' objections, are the equivalent of aggravated assault. Damage suits must include government or other administrative flunkies responsible for imposing these types of directives.

Many of these vaccination programs may or may not be beneficial. The ratio of benefit versus risk is especially difficult to assess when a deliberate policy of disguising adverse reactions under the name of some other disease is in effect. This practice must stop.

The name of Mr. Miller's book is, Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? Additional information is available on the Internet at several locations, including: www.thinktwice. com , , and www. .

In addition, several short wave radio talk shows have frequent interviews with experts on health and other matters. More on this can be learned at such websites as: , , or www. . The Power Hour can be heard at , 8 a.m. Eastern Standard.

I am no expert on these matters. However, I believe people, especially parents, are entitled to full access to information on risks, as well as benefits, when it comes to these or any other health matters.

This article will be provided to several major dailies, TV stations and political leaders without, I venture to say, making the slightest dent in the conscience of any of these recipients. Alternative outlets like this paper are invaluable sources of information. But with no access to lavish government or corporate ads, they must depend primarily on subscriptions for survival. In effect, they are notoriously under funded by the very public they are struggling to inform.

The Internet has everything, but not everyone has access to it. Short wave receivers provide excellent information programs too and are relatively inexpensive -- mine cost $100, secondhand.

In these days of repressive government, controlled media, misinformation specialists, secret summits and goon squads, a means of communication with the general public must be devised. To this end, I am suggesting a completely voluntary and non-profit version of the chain letter.

If you feel the information in this article could be of benefit to some family you know, feel free to make copies of it or use the information to write your own article. Pick two (or more) families, send a copy to each, and ask them to do the same.

If you have other important information you feel is being suppressed, follow the same procedure.

It is time to stand up to these traitorous control freaks. This is a relatively gentle way of doing so. I don't know the legalities of chain letters, but I know the moral imperative that sponsored this one, and I challenge anyone to deny it.

A question for globalists:
The paths of glory lead but to the grave.
The paths of treason follow on apace.
But glory does revere the just and brave.
What gain exists for treason's second face?

Mr. Macdonell translates his deep concern for his country and its citizens into articles and letters from his home in Williamstown, Ont.
Editor's note: We believe chain letters are illegal only if they involve the exchange of money; and we invite readers to distribute any articles in this paper in a similar fashion, as long as the writer has not included a copyright on the article.
With respect to mandatory vaccinations, at one time parents could opt their children out of vaccination programs by signing a form that was available from the schools and/or doctors. Parents are never told about this option or the forms but must ask for and sometimes even demand them. We are not certain if this option is still available or if it is/was available in all provinces. Perhaps a reader would have this information and would write in to share it with us.