Responding to W-5 on 'DeTax'
By Wally Dove, CGA

During my 13 years with Revenue Canada, I worked with Wei Chen's father, Don Chen, while he was Chief of Special Investigations. He is a wonderful man and I respect him.

Sadly, Wei Chen appears not to always practice the honour and morality she must have learned from her father. Otherwise she would have refused to be a part of the most biased piece of government propaganda I have ever had the misfortune to see: the W-5 program on the so-called "DeTax movement" last April 21.

I firmly believe that Canadians are more intelligent than they gave them credit for. In no way could the majority of Canadians fall for this propaganda. There will, most likely, now be increased attendance at "truth" seminars across the country.

As an accountant and former tax auditor, I can assure you that the Government of Canada has been lying to the people since, at least, 1913. This is the year that the government introduced the Bank Act, unlawfully giving the chartered banks the power to create Canada's money (a non-transferable power granted exclusively to the government by the Constitution Act, then the British North America Act) out of nothing and then loaning it to the government and to individual Canadians, at interest.

Because the banks now owned Canada's money supply and the government borrowed its money from the chartered banks, the government had to find a way to extract the money from the people (the economy) in order to return it to the banks.

They introduced an Income Tax Act -- a direct tax. But the authority to levy this type of tax belonged exclusively to the provinces, according to subsection 92(2) of the Constitution Act, and was, therefore, ultra vires the powers of Parliament.

Remember now, the purpose of this tax was simply to retrieve the banks' money and return it to them. The rationale is that he who creates the money owns it. The banks created it, therefore they own it and it must be returned to them, along with everything created or purchased while we were using it.

In other words, we get paid for our wealth-creating activities (work/labour) with these worthless pieces of paper commonly referred to as money, debt currency or legal tender. All it really is though is money created out of nothing in order to steal everything that we produce, including everything that you produce or buy with it as well.

If you think this is not so, if you think you own your home, think again.

The title to all real estate in Canada rests with the province. All titles are called abstracts and are listed with the Land Titles Office or Land Registry Office, depending on the year of registration. Just try not paying your "rent" -- sometimes referred to as "property tax" -- and see how long it takes them to seize their property and start renting it to someone else.

Then there is the automobile you drive. The Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin, the title, is registered with the province and you get a "permit" to use it.

Are you getting the picture?

Now back to the Income Tax Act which everyone knows was a temporary measure, designed, the government said, for the sole purpose of liquidating the cost of World War 1. How typical. Another lie and another government statute that simply never disappeared when it was supposed to. Or was it ever intended to disappear?

Not to belabour the issue, the W-5 program was such a biased pile of dung, I will never watch another. I learned long ago that what I saw on television, on all mainstream media, would be 180 degrees from the truth.

I have a long history in finance in this country. I have audited with Revenue Canada, collected with them, and worked in Special Investigations. I have studied taxation and the monetary system for 30 years. I have audited banks and I have operated an accounting practice.

This is what I have learned:

  1. The federal Income Tax Act is unlawful. It has no constitutional support. It is, in fact, prohibited by the Constitution Act.
  2. The federal Income Tax Act was introduced to remove the banks' money from circulation and for no other purpose.
  3. The banks create our money supply out of nothing, except for our signatures, and then loan it to us at interest. This was admitted by Graham Towers in 1939 -- he was then Governor of the Bank of Canada.
  4. Since the banks never create the interest, the minute they stop creating money, which they can do at any time, we lose everything we have -- all of us. If they do not stop creating money altogether, but reduce it to a trickle, then we simply have a depression when most of us lose everything.
  5. The people of this country possess this country and all its resources (our Creator owns all things ultimately). The government, as our trustee, holds and manages our resources for us. They have been extracting resources from this country for about 150 years now. Where is my money? Where is your money?
  6. The government should not be taking anything from us. They should be giving us our share of the natural resources extracted from our country, each and every year.

Do you see the scam, W-5?

Are you ready to learn and tell the truth about taxes, money and the government?

Or are the people at W-5 going to continue to prostitute themselves as government pawns in its unlawful and tyrannical eradication of our wealth and freedoms?

Wally Dove has operated an accounting practice in Ontario for 16 years. He has worked with Revenue Canada and its provincial counterpart for 13 years.