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The Disinformation Guide to Secrets and Lies

Edited by Russ Kick

Published 2002 by The Disinformation Co. Ltd., New York, N.Y. US$24.95
ISBN 0-9713942-0-2

By Sue Potvin

At a time when corporations are manipulating the world around us -- from the advertising and news in the media right up to our governments -- the average person may not realise how much disinformation is out there.

Newspapers like D&D try to reveal it. But this book, Everything you Know is Wrong: The Disinformation Guide to Secrets and Lies, blows the lid off.

Russ Kick, together with cohorts Richard Metzger and Gary Baddeley, have brought together a veritable treasure trove of writers to provide alternative, sometimes conflicting, views of what the mainstream media is telling you. You will learn to question their motives and agendas and get a feel for what the truth may really be.

People who wouldn't ordinarily appear together in one book -- Howard Bloom, Naomi Klein, Greg Palast, William Blum, Arianna Huffington and about 38 more -- provide a feast of information. The 50 or so pieces remove the mystery from such diverse topics as the Vatican Bank, drugs, Votescam 2000, the bombing of PanAm 103, nuclear power secrets, the Columbine massacre, bioterrorism, myths about youth, globalization, hidden history and 9-11. And there's so much more.

Electricity used to be cheaper in Britain than in the U.S.; but British consumers now pay 70 per cent more than their American counterparts for it, Greg Palast tells us in "Burn the Olive Tree, Sell the Lexus". And Brits pay 250 per cent more than Americans for water. Why? Because Margaret Thatcher started the march along the privatization and deregulation road.

Research proved that the painkiller Duract could damage the liver, Arianna Huffington reveals. But its manufacturer pressured the FDA to approve the drug, simply warning physicians of its toxity. More than 2.5 million prescriptions racked up enough liver-related deaths that it was yanked off the shelves after 10 months. Just the tip of the iceberg. The collusion between pharmaceuticals, the FDA and the Congressional Oversight Committee is turning deadly.

Attorney Jonathan Levy writes, ". . . the Vatican Bank has been involved in tax evasion, financial scams, and money laundering of Nazi gold." From its inception, the bank has "been linked to the most unholy of scandals, scams, and plots." It has never been audited. One investigator has made a compelling argument that John Paul I was poisoned due in part to his commitment to closing or cleaning up the Vatican Bank. You'll be shocked.

Professor Helen Jefferson Lenskyj exposes the popular myths that surround the Olympics, wherever it is held. "On the rare occasions when the mass media criticize any aspect of the Olympics, they're more likely to target individuals than to attack the system that normalizes dishonesty at all levels," she says.

About $50 billion -- almost as much as the global aid budget -- is sucked out of developing countries to tax havens every year. And U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill favours abolishing U.S. taxes on businesses altogether. Lucy Komisar tells this and more in her chapter on "Dirty Money and Global Banking Secrecy".

Gabe Kirchheimer provides overwhelming proof that about 100 cows in the U.S. (in North America) have mad cow disease at any one time and that people are actually contracting the human form of the disease and dying of it.

New York's 1991 Teacher-of-the Year John Taylor Gatto discovered the out-of-print writings of the men who designed and implemented America's educational system. In these documents they admit to a chilling purpose for their schools -- to mold children into unthinking drones who will be good, unquestioning workers.

Retired police chief Joseph D. McNamara turns whistleblower to acknowledge the gangs of renegade criminal cops that exist in every major U.S. city in his article, "When Cops Become the Gangsters."

You won't be reading this book at a single sitting. It is massive -- 340 letter-size pages of well-substantiated revelations. A bit of it may be familiar -- especially to readers of alternative media such as D&D. Much of it will shock your sensibilities. It's mind-boggling stuff. But read it you should.

For more information, visit their website: or phone 1-212-529-2330.

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Peter C. Newman says of CAVERNS OF THE CROSS: "Hal Sisson's amazing tale covers much new territory with some inspiring and astonishing insights."

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Elizabeth May of the Sierra Club of Canada says: "The plight of endangered species around the world has reached crisis proportions. This book provides a highly original window onto the problem"

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Hal Sisson is a native of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. His work as a reporter for the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix and his thirty years of practicing law in Alberta have given him a wealth of experiences from which to draw the characters and plots for his writing. And, as if that weren't enough, he conceived, produced and starred in "Sorry 'bout That" -- the longest running annual burlesque revue in Western Canada. He has also written "Coots, Codgers and Curmudgeons" (with Dwayne W. Rowe). Since retiring from his law practice in 1984, he plays croquet, collects marbles and writes.


Driven by the importance and urgency of the book, Goodbye Canada, I have been buying it in lots of 10 and giving it to people to read with this message:

"This book is given to you with the following request.
1. If you do not read it, or if you disagree with its contents, please return it to me.
2. If you find this book of interest, please pass it, with this note, on to another.
3. If, like me, you become fired by the need to share this message with as many people as possible, please buy extra copies of the book and do as I am doing.

We can choose to sit idly by while the world around us spins out of control -- or we can choose to do something about it.

Thank you for giving this your consideration. Sue Potvin"

Not everyone can afford to take this kind of action. My thought was, "Can we afford not to?" We get so frustrated with those Canadians -- and there are so many of them -- who choose to be blind to all the things they believe they cannot change. But one thing those "ostriches" must remember:

"When you bury your head in the sand, your butt makes an excellent target!"

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