Doris Anderson CC, David Banerjee, J.Patrick Boyer QC and Paul Hellyer PC invite ALL CONCERNED CANADIANS to attend an important


Saturday, Nov. 30 & Sunday, Dec. 1
at The Metro Toronto Convention Centre
255 Front St. W., Toronto, Ont.

Speakers include:

J. PATRICK BOYER, Q.C. (teaches politics, accountability, democracy and ethics at the University of Guelph and author of many books): "Phantom Parliament -- How the loss of democratic accountability affects our unity, sovereignty and prosperity."
JIM STANFORD (economist, author of Paper Boom, Globe and Mail columnist): " My Day in the Free Market -- Why the private sector doesn't have all the answers."
MEL HURTIG O.C. (national chair of the Committee for an Independent Canada, founder and former chair of the Council of Canadians): "Four things Canada has to do to remain independent."
MICHEL CHOSSUDOVSKY (Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa and author of The Globalisation of Poverty and War and Globalisation): "War and Globalisation, The Truth Behind September 11."
MURRAY DOBBIN (journalist, broadcaster and author): "Canadian Culture Wars-- Ideas have consequences."
WENDY R. HOLM, P.Ag. (agrologist, resource economist and columnist, contributing editor of the books, Water and Free Trade and NAFTA and Water Exports): "Water, NAFTA and Canadian Sovereignty -- Democracy at the brink."
PAUL T. HELLYER, P.C.: "A Vision for an Independent Canada."
JOHN GODFREY, M.P.: "What's a Country for? -- Iraq, free trade and Canadian sovereignty."
DONALD LIDSTONE: "Implications of International Trade Agreements for Municipal Government."
ELISABETH MAY and LINDA MCQUAIG will also speak (topics to be announced)

Panels on:

"Agriculture and the Biosphere", "Monetary Sovereignty", "Electoral/Parliamentary Reform", "Canada/U.S. Economic and Military Integration", "Canada's Institutions and Culture" and "Health" will be chaired, respectively, by HON. RALPH FERGUSON, JORDAN GRANT, DORIS ANDERSON, CC, JIM GEORGE, WALTER PITMAN and ARMINE YALNIZYAN. Panel participants include Frank deJong, Christine Elwell, Darrin Qualman, David Orchard, Steve Staples, Brian Fawcett, Rocco Galati, Ian Morrison, Dr. Carolyn Bennett MP, Duff Conacher, Judy Rebick, Ann Emmett and Herb Wiseman.

Other sponsors of CUSP include:

Hon. Lincoln M. Alexander, PC, CC, QC; Avie Bennett, OC, OOnt.; Christopher Bradshaw; Harold Brathwaite; Victor Drury; Shirley Farlinger; Connie Fogal-Rankin; Hon. Jacques Hebert, OC; Ian Hutson; Norman Jewison, CC; G.Alex Jupp; Karen Kain, OC; Roger D. Landry, CC, OQ; John McMurtry, FRSC; John Oostrom; Hon. Joseph Potts