Where has all the money gone?

By Patrick Ellis

We know that Canada is not a country but a corporation, a trustee and fiduciary if you will, catering to the Indian Nations and Tribes, the beneficiaries of Turtle Island.

The Indians are owed trillions of dollars in keeping with the Treaty between the Indians and the Monarch, Charles II, but have been denied their benefits according to the terms of that Trust and the bargains William IV and Queen Victoria made with them.

Rather than uphold the terms of the Treaty, the junior, sometimes referred to as "federal"government "swallowed up" the beneficiaries into the corporate structure in order to cheat the Indians out of the benefits of the trust. In so doing, the trustees/fiduciaries have breached the trust.

Because of the breach of trust, the Crown, the Queen in the Right of Canada, the Queen in the Right of the Provinces, has no equitable claim over the people.

Why can't you fight city hall? Because you do own it. Well, not quite yet. You see, the Queen takes the position that she used her money to create the roads, hospitals, schools (infrastructure), city hall, etc., but she did not use one cent of her own money. She used the Indian Fund. Since she now has dirty hands, the equitable claim to city hall is to the people. They paid for it and the infrastructure through taxation.

With the Indians owed hundreds of trillions of dollars, and we are allegedly in debt $500 trillion, and the so-called government conscripting the "nation's" wealth, maybe it is high time to start questioning where the money is and where it has gone.

Or maybe it is time to exit her slavery by being adopted into Indian Nations.

If you should like to be adopted into Indian Nations, be very careful not to be adopted by the so-called "Grand Chiefs". Grand Chiefs are de facto and "elected" under the European style. The only true Indian Chief is the traditional inherent Head Chief, handed down from generation to generation, and who must be a pipe carrier.

What would have been the outcome of Dr. Bruce Clark's efforts if he had been adopted by the Indians of British Columbia instead of being "white"? He certainly would not have received the treatment that he did.

Patrick Ellis is an activist who lives in North York, Ont.