Politicians issue statements


Patents become introduced by either mistake or inventive minds. Case in point is the blotting paper, deriving out of a mistake. Then there is the LASER beam (Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation), where the inventor had to fight 12 years to have the patent credited to American Gordon Gould. The military claimed the patent was too dangerous for civilian use during those 12 years.

When bank hold-ups became fashionable, I invented an alarm system with direct contact to the nearest police stations. The system found its way to homeowners, but with an obligation to warn burglars with stickers that the premises were protected by an alarm system. (I did not fight for recognition.)

Through perpetual intrigues and conspiracies among Earthlings, the fundamental patent -- to bring Planet Earth within the endless universe into appropriate focus -- becomes mainly distorted with a "bearded Being, blowing light and fire on and into our planet" when actually a goddess has been worshipped (creation of life, preserving and nurturing life) within gradual development of human creatures.

Irritations, conspiracies and misconceptions of leadership, self-serving, complacent leaders and "leaders as servants of their flock" are documented or distorted in history.

Planet Earth's inhabitants were never more confused as today. World domination -- "either you are with us or you are against us" -- lacks any hint of why, what and who is hiding behind us, because no single binding beneficial guidelines for ordinary citizens can be brought in line with said ultimatum.

More than 5,000 years of recorded history documents cultural achievements and also fanatic destructions, now more so with advanced technology. Parallel to all forceful persuations has blasphemy to be accepted, nearly rewarded. Human responsibilities and rights fail to feel comfortably within the rules of many states or nations.

Momentarily there are hot problems in the Middle East where to transplant Palestinians reminds one of the troublesome English prisoners who were exiled to Australia. (See how even offenders of the law can reform and more than improve by constructive participation.)

Other areas of the world were civilized and colonialized, becoming known as the British Empire. The saying "The sun never sets over the British Empire" became rather unceremonially dissolved. World domination from within leaves more than a bitter aftertaste.

Singapore, ceded to the British in 1824, now has laws similar to those that Germany has had since 1933, identifying with infrastructure: family, agriculture, productivity, nationhood, environmental concern and -- speculation banned. (Germany became liberated from infrastructure in May 1945, and there's been no official conclusion of the peace yet.)

Truth is the first victim of war.

More than 200 forceful persuasions and truth distortions since 1933 besmirch 5,000 years of recorded history. Perhaps only re-orientation, why human beings developed on Planet Earth at all, might bring idols to the forefront of planning for the future.

As a devout Christian, I couldn't help but admire and respect Jesus Christ when He chased the money changers out of the temple. Now, moneychangers and speculators insist on being accepted for their "honourable" trade. Politicians insist on a lifestyle of their own.

"We do not have to set an example for our people." "Go out, get yourself a car. Get yourself a house." Such statements still ring in my ears. "Nobody has to work when he does not want to." "We do need consumers." These were the comments to the influx of uncontrolled immigrants.

Praised freedom leaves its traces with challenging the laws of a country.

Questionable abilities and the concern of too many politicians forced democracy to suffocate. More often than not, they like to be known as masters of political science.

It is proven that political science has not the slightest connection with infrastructure. Having said that, human beings are not the least interested in the infrastructure of the Universe, including, of course, our Planet Earth. Man-made infrastructures are best explained with planning, approval, support, financial acceptance, work-force evaluation and implementation of the plan. After completion, maintenance and improvements should be guaranteed. (Reference the 1998 manuscript, Fahnen-zu-flucht, page 5-6.)

Political correctness, as described in George Orwell's 1984 (written in 1948), seems to have been arrived at with insignificant delay and surveillance cameras one step ahead of Orwell, because even school buildings might have to be equipped with it.

Now that the world population knows what kind of political leaders are to be preferred over others, why not oblige them all to meet. Then let them sign a protocal that they do only the very best for their own people, respecting individual implementation with emphasis on the common ground of human development and cultural participation, based on infrastructure and respect for nature -- the biggest power imaginable.

This would be the best patent yet -- surpassing Alfred Nobel, no explosives connected here.

I remain, an insignificant earthling,

H. Zimmerman