License the non-gun owners?
The Christian Heritage Party
By National Leader Ron Gray

The licensing of gun owners in Canada has resulted in alienation and anger for many law-abiding Canadians. It may still bring legal and legislative challenges between provincial/territorial governments and Ottawa. There is also the possibility of a Charter of Rights and Freedoms challenge to the law, bringing more expense and discord.

However, there's a simple way to avoid all this trouble: license all non-gun owners as well. Charge 'em ten bucks each. That would not only eliminate the inequality of the current legislation, it would also help cover the $500 million cost.

What it would not do is:

(a) guarantee owners of guns that registration will not be used at a later date to confiscate their weapons (as has happened in other jurisdictions); or

(b) provide any effective limitation on criminal use of guns.

There's the real rub of the federal government's foolish gun legislation: no matter what you do to it, it remains utterly useless as a crime control measure, as well as an unwarranted imposition on law-abiding citizens.

Which is why it ought to be scrapped.

What's really needed is stronger legislation to control the use of firearms during criminal acts. That can be done -- at no cost -- by a simple amendment to the sentencing provisions of the Criminal Code.

If a firearm is used during a crime, the sentence is automatically doubled. If the weapon is loaded, the sentence is doubled again. If the gun is discharged during the crime, the sentence is tripled once more.

That kind of muscle in the Code would cause a lot of felons to reconsider whether they should "pack heat" while committing a crime. And those who don't have sense enough to decide against carrying a gun would be off the streets for longer periods of time.

Canadians would be safer as a result.

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