U.S. Foreign Policy 'A War to Die For' -- in another dementia

By Sydney White

Shortly after 9-11,there were peace marches in every American city. They didn't last long; the anthrax put everyone back in their homes, watching the mail box. The perpetrator was not found, but the anthrax was American made.

Now comes the "dirty bomb". But the suspect had been in custody for two months before he supposedly made the bomb. In fact, there are still 2,400 people detained since 9-11. Do their relatives know where they are and what the charges are? No one knows.

From this corral of detainees, "alleged" and "suspected" future bombers can be lifted at will and paraded on CNN -- whenever the enthusiasm for war subsides.

Since Vietnam, manufacturing consent for "wars that people will love" (Desert Storm) means manufacturing events.

After 9-11, George Dubya, verbally challenged and with only two facial expressions, suddenly became the orator for the common man. With the help of his speech writer, our own David Frum, propaganda was zooming right along.

Then the ill-chosen phrase, "axis of evil", blew back on Superpres and Frum was dumped. Like a jilted lover, he insisted that he had resigned.

After a wave of indignation from European leaders, the "evil axis" faux pas was countered with some well-placed tears at the next press conference, and Bush emerged unscathed as the moral leader of a just war. In fact, he and Tony "Bleh" were (unsuccessfully, as it turns out) nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Harald Tom Nesvik, a right wing member of the Party of Progress in Norway.1

Overseas, "Operation Anaconda" used hypobaric bombs in Afghan caves where women and children had fled, along with their "terrorist" husbands and fathers.

The U.S. has spent $17 billion in Afghanistan to date. Senior Americans can't get doctors any more; but they've got Homeland Security.

Black Muslim leaders from decades past are being incarcerated. There will be many more Mumi Jamals. Along with the American Muslim community from the Middle East, there are American Black Muslims, many of whom became Muslim while in prison, where they are the vast majority. However, when you are incarcerated, you lose your vote forever. Now that's pre-emptive.

Totalitarian Zbigniew Brezinski admitted that the U.S. provoked Russia into Afghanistan to "give them their own Vietnam". After Russia prepared the ground, the U.S. used Fundamentalists to light the fuse for 9-11.

It doesn't take Hercule Poirot to point out who benefited from the crime. The 9-11 bombers were all Saudis, but the Palestinians are taking the rap. Canadian soldiers are killing with Americans, and being killed by Americans.

Iraq is the next show being prepared for a theatre near you; and our government, without our consent, has made Canada an accomplice. Last September, Canadian gunboats were waved off to "the war in Afghanistan" -- a land-locked country. Come on folks, you can't portage a gunboat! [And our Navy has been keeping the Mid-East supplied with our ships ever since.]

Chretien has, surprisingly, been making some anti-Iraq war noises on occasion lately. Nevertheless, we're in the Gulf, waiting to be accessories before and after the fact when the U.S. invades Iraq again.

The 9-11 disaster made even bigger fortunes on put options for the market insiders (including Martha Stewart -- and that's not a good thing). Sept. 11 was the Viagra for a limp economy and, like Viagra, it will have to be repeated.

War is the only way a banker-owned debt-based economy can sustain itself. The stock market and the banks depend on oil and drugs for cash flow. And under the cover of wars, that flow is unimpeded and unnoticed. Since all economies on the globe are now banker-owned through private ownership of "central" banks, the resulting economic wars will be global.

For the coincidence theorists out there, when the Pakistan Supreme Court announced, in January 2001, that they were going to have "an interest-free economy by 2002," I asked you then, "What is going to happen to Pakistan to prevent that?" The ISI and 9-11. That's what happened. A lot of birds were killed with that one stone.

Americans are now asking questions about Bush's foreknowledge of the coup, but not many. They still like to think that Bush changes his clothes in a phone booth.

The School of the Americas (SoA) has not shut down. As soon as nations want to control their own resources, the SoA moves in; it's just changed its name. The Office of Disinformation has done likewise. Bin Laden is forgotten; he would never turn states evidence. He and Al Quaeda belong to the "intelligence" community and have worked with Americans in other "wars", such as Kosovo.2

There are 750,000 American soldiers dispersed along our mutual border right now. I agree with Bill Graham: we should not be going along to get along with U.S. foreign policy.3

Canadians are different than Americans. If you're coming into Canada, you get a hockey stick and a beer; if you're going to the United States, you get a gun and some crack.

Let's try to get through the Silly Putty in Ottawa and shout at the top of our lungs: "We don't want to go there!"

Sydney White teaches Studies in Propaganda at the Free University of Toronto.

1 Metro Toronto Newspaper, May 2002.
2 Michel Chussodovsky
3 Metro Toronto Newspaper, 14 Jun 02.