Biological warfare has sordid history

The Editor:

I have quite a bit of respect for Peter Worthington's journalistic skills, but disagree with his analysis of the AIDS problem in Africa (Ottawa Sun, July 22).

A growing body of evidence is being compiled by the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation which indicates that AIDS and other neurosystemic degenerative diseases were artificially created through biological warfare research undertaken by the governments of Canada, Britain and the USA.

Biological warfare research by these three countries has been ongoing since 1942. It was given a boost, after WWII, by the acquisition of scientists who had honed their skills on prisoners in the German and Japanese death camps during the war.

A quarterly publication, The Journal of Degenerative Diseases, is available from the Common Cause Medical Foundation. An excellent book is also available which describes in detail the nefarious deeds of these respective governments and provides a thorough overview of degenerative diseases in layman's terms. The book is referred to as Skull Valley and, along with the journal, is available at: Books, Box 37021, Ottawa, Ont. K1V 0W0.

I will be writing an article on this subject with the purpose of demanding a criminal investigation into the matter. Unfortunately the information became available too recently for a person of my temperament to deal with in an objective manner. Justice, like vengeance, is best served cold.

I hope Mr. Worthington acquires this information. We need some honest journalism on this subject.

Alan A. Macdonell
Williamstown, ON