The Mailbox

  Correction: EI funds are needed
Anne Miles, Gibsons, BC
  We must fight on several fronts
Art Bradford, Orillia, ON
  German-Canadian fights malice
Herta Ruthard, Lisle , ON
  Remembering Sept 11
Dan Kustudich, New Minas, NS
  Private banks are making the money
Gord Lepsenyi, Victoria, BC
  Another viewpoint on immigration
Bob Friedland, Victoria, BC
  Biological warfare has sordid history
Alan Macdonell, Williamstown, ON
  An open letter to the B.C. government
Joe Taxpayer
  Learning from the sniper case
Dan Kustudich, New Minas, NS
  Need for alternative energy becoming desperate
Marvin Gregory, Renton, WA
  Is gas really expensive?  
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