The Access of Evil:

The worm in the system that disallows free debate

By Sydney White

"Free speech" is the sharing of facts and opinions without ostracism, job loss, prison, character assassination or assassination itself; there is no intimidation that demands self-censorship. Free speech is necessary to open debate, a prerequisite for the democracy that still eludes nations. Even the much-touted "democracy" of ancient Greece included slaves.

The constitution of the United States declared that a black man was worth five-eighths of a white man. But that is not surprising because democracy simply means "majority rule". We like to think that the definition implies justice, but when the "majority" is misled by media that spins like a top for its benefactors, democracy becomes just another buzz word.

In fact, in many countries, the majority does not support the government. For example, most people in Britain and America do not support war on Iraq.

The Internet is a problem for those who would indenture civilization in another dark age; they long to contain it. On the Jan. 26 edition of Inside Media, a CBC representative asked, "But don't people need these gatekeepers?" His elitist stance is a chilling reminder that those in control of information will continue to obey their coat of arms: a giant cow patty, rampant on a field of brains.

The first constraint of information is what Einstein called "the most powerful force on Earth" -- compound interest -- which propels the bought media into the world of fantasy at the expense of the facts. The only way America can prevent foreclosure on its $17-trillion-dollar debt is to rob the Iraqis blind, then leave them a tin cup to beg for a share of their own oil. In fact, during Kissinger's control of Nixon, large tracts of land were set aside, ostensibly under the Environmental Protection Act, as collateral for foreign loans.

The uniformity of government, education and media all comes from the bankers' first privatization, of our money system. All "education" and media are owned and funded by what Lincoln labelled, "the money trust".

We now have a one-owner book chain which proudly announced that it would mentor authors who agree with them and drop those who do not.

In the libraries, books that were on shelves are moved out of public access and require your name on a list to read them.

Corporate cafeterias feed grease and sugar to students; Coca Cola and Pepsi compete to give the young diabetes.

Two hundred thousand veterans of the Gulf War, and Iraqis, are dying from depleted uranium and anthrax vaccine.

And the din of war drums on the CNN propaganda machine drowns out all protest and objection.

Political talk shows that once allowed informed debate now screen their callers and discard those who do not agree with the warmongers. In fact, they are now inflicting the most rabid fundamentalists on their audiences: any wing nut who is allowed a crayon to describe his favourite delusion gets hours of prime time.

Gary Bell, on Talk 640 AM, told a huge audience on Jan. 25 that the New World Religion will have the deceased Princess Diana as its god, and those who don't agree will be sacrificed.

The Art Bell Show has gone from discussing the Federal Reserve to keeping a line free for those who see "shadow people" in the shower.

Richard Barrett, on 1010AM, topped that by promoting a Kathleen Keating, the obscure writer of a "bona fide" report on "The Gates of Hell". Callers who demanded her sources were told that nothing could be divulged for "security" reasons. In the next breath, she announced that she had seen the Anti-Christ in her back yard, wearing an Armani suit. I asked that, since the Anti-Christ had found her anyway, why not reveal her source on "Hell"? More important, how did [name omitted] get into an Armani suit? Could Armani sue? She replied that I had "negated God".

That same week, Hell expert Keating was followed by a Pam Schiffert who had personally journeyed throughout Israel to bring us the Talmudic prophecy on the Israeli "red heifer". Now one year old, this animal will "determine the fate of the world." Apparently, when the calf is three, it will be burned to ashes as a sacrifice. The Israelis must then purify themselves with the ashes. Then, and only then, will they be qualified to launch themselves onto the Temple Mount, fulfilling the prophecy and kicking off Armageddon. Pam couldn't wait!

This crap fills prime-time airspace -- and the space between any gullible ears they might reach. Proof, I believe, that my definition of fundamentalism is correct: "We've got funding and we're mental."

We cannot dismiss the tidal wave of fundamentalism that propels and funds Bush's future wars.

In July 2002, Professor Michael M'Gonigle, professor of law at the University of Victoria, was quoted in the Globe and Mail as saying there was "a triumph, at a global level, of right-wing fundamentalist conservatism, George Bush style" and that "the past three months have been a triumph for illiberal thought -- the closing of public debate, and the erosion of civil liberties. . . ."

As a corollary to fundamentalist warmongering, we are urged to demonize and weaponize -- but we are forbidden to criticize anything that Israel does.

In August 2000, economics professor Nuri Jazairi, a Muslim Arab from Iraq, sent a letter to the editor of the Globe and Mail. In it he stated the obvious, that "Israel has only two policy options, either to make peace with the Palestinians or to remain in a permanent state of war with the Arabs." Jazairi was due for promotion, but it was denied on the grounds of his political opinion. Clayton Ruby confirmed that the professor was not even given a hearing because political opinion was not covered by the Human Rights Code!1

In the fall of 2002, one of Toronto's "leading Jewish funeral homes" pulled its advertising from The Star newspaper to protest its coverage of the Middle East: in particular, a New York Times graph showing the number of deaths on both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It left no doubt as to the much greater number of Palestinian lives lost. Israel's ambassador to Canada and Janice Stein both found The Star's coverage balanced. But the advertising was still withdrawn.2

On 8 Aug. 02, Toronto lawyer Rocco Galati found that his client, Mahmoud Jaballah, who had spent the whole season in jail, could be charged with an offence and not be entitled to learn what the case was against him. After months of trying to make headway, Galati felt forced to give up the case. He said, "The court is being used as an investigative tool by the security forces, without a judicial balance and fairness to the person in front of the court." At no time, over many months, were Galati or his client allowed to know the "evidence" against the man.3

In Montreal last September, Concordia University students protested against Netanyahu speaking there, and Izzy Asper equated them with "German Brownshirts" of 1932. The Canadian Jewish Congress was embarrassed enough to challenge Izzy on that one. The university solved the problem by announcing that all speakers from the Middle East would have no debate on that campus.

Activist Jagi Singh's account of the student protest was headlined in the Globe and Mail as "The Day of Broken Glass," referring to the student protest as another "Kristallnacht".

As war and uranium radiation for all of us loom on CNN's horizon, the propaganda that Bush and his allies are blameless victims rises to a veritable din. As Alice Klein of Now magazine put it: "I hate to say it, but the masters of this highly successful, debate-chilling mindset are the Israeli Hawks. Netanyahu's undelivered Concordia speech is a breathtaking example."

As this is being written, Daniel Pipes is coming to speak at Toronto'sYork University, despite two days of protest. Director of the "Middle East Forum" in Philadelphia, Pipes has a website ( which surveills academics across North America whom he considers anti-Israel. His lecture is to be, "Barriers to Peace" -- and who would want to miss that? (Knowledge straight from the drop zone.)

As a final farewell to sanity, Israel's Prime Minister Sharon has now given permission to the Mossad to carry out "preventative" operations (assassinations) on the soil of friendly countries. One Mossad official told UPI that the new policy was prompted by a huge budget increase for the agency.8

Who will be targetted? Journalists? Website owners? Professors? Or just anyone who doesn't agree with Israeli policy?

Part of the $15 billion that Sharon has just demanded from the United States will find its way back to the U.S. Congress, as it has in the previous 30 years.

Naive Americans are being set up as the "most hated nation" with their own tax dollars.

Now that's giving access to evil.

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Sydney White teaches Studies in Propaganda at the Free University of Toronto.