No shortage of oil or energy -- but the White House has solar systems

Three solar installations were completed at the White House complex last summer -- with no public announcement. Architect James Doherty of the National Park Service White House Liason Office says they don't advertise what they do at the White House. They choose, instead, to call it "silent stewardship."

An 8.75 peak-kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) system was installed on a National Park Serviced maintenance building on the White House grounds. The system feeds electricity into the White House electricity grid.

On the same building, a residential-scale solar water heating system provides hot water for landscape maintenance personnel.

The third installation is a five-panel, building -integrated solar hot water system on a cabana roof next to the presidential pool and spa. This system heats water for a hot tub and shower, with any extra energy going into the outdoor pool.

From Environmental Building News, Jan.2003. See