Whether to be a butcher or a skillful 'killer'
There is always a choice

There should be NO slaughter of fellow humans, but we should kill our egos and all wrong concepts.

There should be NO spilling of RED blood for BLACK gold, BUT we should kill all capitalist greed.

There should be NO obsession with killing ONE Osama or ONE Saddam, but we should kill their wrong concepts for the benefit of millions.

NO skill is needed for butchery, but skill is needed to convert the hearts and minds of all.

There is NO way that obviously superior firepower cannot prevail over the weak, but the respect and trust of millions would then be lost for at least three generations.

Universal Truths

"Anger never ends Anger in this world,
By love alone, Anger ends." Lord Buddha

"If we can respect an Ant's right to live,
All the more must we treasure a Human life."
Patriarch Minh Dang Quang

"Do not expect younger brother to cast out his toy gun,
when we can threaten others effectively with our M16.
To avoid World War III,
Trust in the Wisdom of Compassion."
Bikkhu Buddha Dhatu

Heart for Peace, 5 Coventry Rd., Cabramatta, NSW 2166, Australia
Telephone (61)2-9723-0668 --

The story of Venerable Bhikkhu Buddha Dhatu

He was a victim of the Vietnam War when he was only nine years old. His whole village, located in central Vietnam, was destroyed by bombs.

Napalm bombs burnt 70 per cent of his body. He was hospitalized in Vietnamese and American hospitals for four years, undergoing six major operations. This saved his life.

When he was 13 years old, he chose to be a Messenger of Peace.

In 1977, at the age of 21, he emigrated to Australia. In 1994, the 2nd Patriarch of the "Heart for Peace Order in Vietnam" ordered him to establish the "Heart for Peace Order in Australia" with its headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Last year he established the "Heart for Peace Order in India".

His Order does not permit his Sangha to convert people from religion to religion, but merely to convert their hearts "for peace". His Order accepts the Truth from all religions of the world and welcomes everyone seeking the Truth to join his activities.

In 1998, His Holiness the Dalai Lama recognised his Order and mission and, therefore, launched him on his barefoot Walk for Peace around the World. He left Bodhigaya with representatives from 24 other nations, and with His Holiness accompanying him barefoot on the first day.

Ven. Buddha Dhatu then proceeded through 18 countries, including the United States of America, covering a total of about 9,000 km over three years and covering five continents. He ended his walk in Sydney, Australia, in the year 2000, during the Sydney Olympics. Later that same year, he carried the same Heart for Peace message to the African continent.

He continues his mission to spread the Buddha's order to follow the Universal Precepts.

For more information, contact Lee Boon Siong, Hon. President/Director, Tad/Fax: 6278-0317 or Email:

11 Million Worldwide Marched for Peace

Rome: 2.5 million

Vancouver: 30,000

London: 1.5 million

Girona, Spain: 30,000

Barcelona: 1 million

Goteborg, Sweden: 30,000

Madrid: 1 million

Tokyo: 25,000

Paris: 800,000

Budapest: 20,000

New York City: 500,000

Newcastle, Australia: 20,000

Berlin: 500,000

Vienna: 20,000

Seville: 250,000

Lyon: 20,000

Melbourne: 200,000

Perth, Australia: 20,000

Montreal: 150,000

Irunea, Basque Country: 20,000

Dublin: 100,000 plus

Montpeilier, France: 20,000

Brussels: 100,000

Luxemburg: 20,000

Lisbon: 100,000

Buenos Aires: 15,000

Las Palmas, Spain: 100,000

Rio de Janeiro: 15,000

Cadiz, Spain: 100,000

Helsinki: 15,000

Los Angeles: 100,000

Mexico City: 15,000

Amsterdam: 80,000

Canberra, Australia: 15,000

Glasgow: 60,000 plus

Trondheim, Norway: 11,000

Oslo: 60,000

Kolkata, India: 10,000

Seattle: 55,000

Johannesburg: 10,000

Montevideo: 50,000

Minneapolis: 10,000

Stuttgart, Germany: 50,000

Zagreb, Croatia: 10,000

Thessaloniki, Greece: 40,000

San Diego: 10,000

Copenhagen: 40,000

Philadelphia: 10,000

Berne: 40,000

Edmonton: 10,000

Sao Paolo: 30,000

Auckland: 10,000

And other cities: Tudela: 5,000; Turku: 5,000;Cape Town: 5,000; Iraklio: 4,000; Patras: 3,500; Durban: 3,000; Santiago: 3,000; Volos: 3,000; Tampere: 2,000; Rethimno: 2,000; Rhodes: 2,000; Tel Aviv: 1,500; Bregenz: 1,500; Prague: 1,000; Quito: 250; and unknown numbers in Adelaide, Bellingen, Bratislava, Christchurch, Dunedin, Taipei, Warsaw, Wellington, Winnipeg, Halifax, Wolfville, and thousands more cities, towns and villages throughout the world!