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Desert Minds

By Stephen Durnin

Who are they that ride the Storm
In rubber masks to veil this porn
Sent by men in suits and ties
Who trade in diplomatic lies.

Who will tell the bloodied child
That Freedom's wed to bodies piled
That love is missiles soaring high
And human decency's a lie.

Coalition is partition
Inflation fought by desecration
Democracy, bureaucracy
It's all the same hypocrisy.

It is conversion by perversion
Conservation through coersion
Legislation's discrimination
Capital gains are bombs for nations.

Unfurl your mighty flags of pride
And ride this tide of genocide
Peace and freedom are your cries
Your nation's children raised on lies.

And when you've purged this desert land
And Arab blood congeals in sand
Who won't say they should've died
For fear your national conscience lied.

Originally written following Desert Storm, but just as appropriate today

Ratify the Accord

By Robert F. Harrington

We cannot afford not to afford
The cost of signing the Kyoto Accord
It is a small cost compared to the cost
Of what will be lost if our foothold on earth is lost.

There is intelligence in business and legislature;
A far cry, though, from the wisdom of God and Nature.
We extol our unexamined technology as high;
Compared to Nature's tech, of which we are part, that's a lie!

Nature's decomposing system recycles all her waste.
Undoing and renewing organic life without haste.
All things return to the elemental wealth of the world.
But man -- his refuse into air, water, soil is randomly hurled.

As a species we are slovenly with our waste.
Toxic offal and pesticides go anywhere that suits our taste.
Feces are for rivers and oceans, carbon for the sky --
Just as long as we can run, skip, buy, prance, dance, drive and fly.

If TV was used for education rather than mystification,
And unadorned truth was expressed in media communication;
If politicians acted with zeal and vigor without procrastination,
Then we would really have made a quantum leap toward civilization.

That the love of money is the root of all evil is shown as more than mere guff.
By the failure of profiteers to know when enough is enough,
Wealth becomes obsession, neurosis, psychosis and scruples defrocked.
Earth is more ancient order, Cosmic, and will not be mocked.

Signing the Kyoto Accord would be a first step toward maturity.
A grudging step for men, a giant step toward planetary security.
A faltering but necessary move on the road to reality.
An ethical infant's crawl in the direction of cosmic morality.

Robert Harrington is author of several books including:
"To Heal the Earth: The Case for an Earth Ethic" and "The Soul Solution."