Desmarais finger found
in many pies
By Christine Whitacker

Paul Desmarais and Power Corporation have some very particular connections to a great many of the people of power in this country. Indeed "Power Corporation" appears to be an amazingly apt name. Consider the following.

PRIME MINISTER JEAN CHRETIEN: His daughter France is married to Andre Desmarais, son of Power Corp. chairman Paul Desmarais.

MITCHELL SHARP: Since 1981, he has been vice-chair for North America of the corporate globalist Trilateral Commission. When he was Canada's finance minister, he brought Jean Chretien into politics. For the past 30 years, he has been Chretien's chief advisor, counsellor and strategist.

JOHN RAE: Former executive vice-president of Power Corp. and Paul Desmarais' right-hand man, he was the leading strategist for Chretien's election campaign.

PAUL MARTIN: He was finance minister in Chretien's cabinet for most of the Liberals' tenure, until last year. He was brought up through the ranks of Power Corp., mentored by Paul Desmarais. He bought Canada Steamship Lines from Desmarais, and he ran against Chretien for the leadership of the Liberal Party. He is now seeking the prime minister's seat as Chretien steps down.

DANIEL JOHNSON: Former Liberal leader in Quebec, he also rose through the ranks of Power Corp. He was key in delivering federal spending to the Quebec-based Power Corp., as well as to other corporate "welfare cases" in the province.

PIERRE TRUDEAU: The former Liberal prime minister was once a lawyer for Power Corp. and Desmarais funded his election campaign. Trudeau was introduced into the company by his father who had business connections to Desmarais. As PM, Trudeau signed millions of dollars over to Power Corp. under federal grant programs.

BRIAN MULRONEY: Former Progressive Conservative prime minister, he is now a lawyer and lobbyist for Power Corp. which, together with Ontario Hydro and Hydro Quebec, has formed the Hong Kong-based Asia Power Corp. to help China develop its energy potential. Power Corp.'s legal interests in Asia are being handled by a Hong Kong branch of Mulroney's Montreal law firm, Ogilvy, Renault.

BOB RAE: Former NDP premier of Ontario. Aside from being a brother of John Rae (above), he appointed his godfather ......

MAURICE STRONG, to be chairman of Ontario Hydro. Then he dramatically cut Ont. Hydro in both skilled human resources and generating capacity, some say to provide a future need for power from James Bay. Strong was formerly CEO of Desmarais' Power Corp. He subsequently was appointed to the United Nations as a senior environmental advisor to its secretary-general. He was also appointed chair of the Earth Council. Strong is the person basically responsible for the Kyoto accords.

Is it merely coincidence that three major political parties and so many key people in past and current governing parties have been so tightly connected to Paul Desmarais and Power Corporation?

The seemingly incestuous relationships continue.

Maurice Strong has joined Mulroney and Desmarais in investing in the Asia Power Group's $100 million venture capital. This association explains the Kyoto pact.

For more on Maurice Strong, go to the website .

We now see the Power Corp. key alumnus in the U.N. Kyoto deal which, so coincidentally, benefits the (largely unpublicized) business interests of Desmarais alumnus. Maurice Strong has joined Brian Mulroney and Paul Desmarais in investing in the Asia Power Group's $100 million venture capital in small coal-fired power plants being built in the south of China. They are also looking at larger projects in northern China, as well as in Malaysia, the Philippines and India.

The Asian economies are expected to spend US$1 trillion on essential infrastructure, of which an estimated US$400 billion will be on power generation. Chinese and Asian labour costs are low -- as low as $45 per month in China -- and potential profits are enormous.

The Nov./Dec. 1993 issue of the Council on Foreign Relations' publication, Foreign Relations, contains an article,"The Rise of China," in which we are warned that China will use more energy than the U.S. within a few decades, massively straining the world's energy supplies.

If you were a power company investment magnate, where would you place your future fortunes? In a nation wracked with environmental paranoia or in a developing, unregulated, energy-hungry industrial giant?

China is gearing up to be the world's dominant manufacturing power. Most of China's energy comes from the burning of soft, high-sulphur, highly polluting coal. In 1991 alone, 11 trillion cubic meters of waste gases and 16 million tons of soot were emitted into the atmosphere over China. And it has only just begun its long process of increased energy generation.

The sulphur in this coal causes acid rain. The burning of the coal releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the most efficient "greenhouse gas" in the global warming process.

There are indications that Strong, Desmarais and their cronies (under ghost corporate affiliates) are behind the recent rash of buying of low-grade coal mines in depressed nations, to fuel these projects. This is yet to be fully substantiated.

Who would invest so massively in low-grade coal when it was targeted as a Kyoto taboo commodity? Maybe someone who knew in advance they would be able to burn it without regulation in China? Greenhouse fears bottomed out the price of these coal purchases.

If it can be used for power-generating fuel, you stand to have a very inexpensive fuel source. China continues to burn coal in its power production, unregulated by Kyoto.

Now the real hook.

You remember Maurice Strong? Desmarais' familiar and corporate confidante, ex-Power boss, major investor in Third World coal-fired energy enterprise? Well Maurice ended up appointed to the U.N. as head advisor to the U.N. Secretary-General on Environmental Affairs. Is this irony? He was campaigned for that position by Canada's ministers and diplomats. He called a little multi-national conference called Kyoto. Maurice and his friend, Jean Chretien, wrote and signed an agreement which effectively will destroy their pal Desmarais' chief energy competitor, Alberta Natural Gas. It gave Power Corp investment in China coal/energy an enormous competitive advantage.

Anyone who thinks this a mere coincidence is unaware of the networking of international corporate elites. This revelation makes it clear the Kyoto Earth Summit was a vehicle used by corporate (Strong/Chretien) bagmen to create a huge global shift in power generation profits. They were backed by one of the world's most devious businessmen.

Oh. And Paul Desmarais? In September 1993, he joined the Trilateral Commission. He spearheaded the Trilateral initiative of promoting a Kyoto-like conference over concerns for the planet from carbon emissions produced by the developed nations.

And you thought it was all about saving the planet? For whom?