USAF experiments may be
affecting the climate
By William Dascavitch

Mother nature may not be entirely to blame for the unusually high instances of record-breaking and freaky weather we have been experiencing in recent years.

In a January 28 issue of Lifeboat News, senior reporter William Thomas suggests that nature may be getting a little help from the United States Air Force (USAF).

Apparently, plane spotters and air traffic controllers in Canada have noticed that USAF tanker planes have been flying grid patterns over areas of our country, leaving behind unusual contrails. These have been dubbed "chemtrails" because they leave fallout said to contain aluminum and barium particles. This fallout contaminates rain, snow and soil.

The tanker planes have reportedly been flying grid patterns in the United States as well.

In his article, Thomas says that "...barium contrails are routinely sprayed into the atmosphere to 'duct' or bend military radio and radar waves over-the-horizon..."

American air traffic controllers, when interviewed by reporters, said they were told that the unusual USAF aerial spray tanker activity was the result of "climate experiments."

Weather modification has long been regarded as a potential military weapon.

As Thomas noted, " least one [air traffic] controller working in America's heartland visited a local hospital after heavy tanker activity -- to find the emergency room jammed with acute respiratory cases."

High levels of aluminum or barium concentration in the soil can result in plant nutrient deficiencies and crop damage as a result of a condition known as "chlorosis."

To read the Thomas article, see William Dascavich researches and writes from his office at Vegreville, Alta.