Blame the banksters
and aristorats
By Alan Macdonell

Now that the mainstream media have told us the campaign for Iraqi freedom is a success, American style, it could be of benefit to review Canadian policy on the matter.

Canadian policy distinguished itself by its lack of any policy whatsoever. On the one hand, we had those who responded to American intimidation tactics by sucking up; on the other hand, we had those who destroyed our status as a sovereign nation by crawling under the less-than-pristine skirts of the United Nations.

The moral aspect didn't enter into the debate.

This was an Imperialist war of agression against a sovereign nation. Worse, it was an Imperialist war of aggression for profit. Any country unable to come up with a categorical "NO" to this type of banditry has lost its right to be considered a sovereign nation.

The five permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations have been responsible for most of the bloodshed, misery and poverty of the last century. At least four of them are former colonial powers and still consider themselves as such, intriguing against each other and playing oneupmanship with world resources and strategic interests -- exactly as they were doing prior to the First World War.

Since all the former colonial powers are under the control of a small clique of international banksters and aristorats, it might be better to put the blame where it really belongs.

The world monetary system is inherently fraudulent, totally corrupt, and more to the point, obsolete. The world can no longer afford economies based on destruction and rulers that fail to recognise the fact.

The slick, controlled video coverage of this conflict gave little testimony to the reality of splattered entrails, limbless torsos, bodies burnt beyond recognition, blinded, deafened, totally traumatized innocent victims of this carnage. They're simply shrugged off the mainstream conscience under the contemptuous phrase "collateral damage."

Slightly more attention is paid to the invading troops at the eye of the storm, but only to the extent of their current welfare. Long-term effects of exposure to depleted uranium, toxic chemicals and dust and, especially, forced vaccinations, will disappear from the public eye as if they didn't exist.

Mere roadkill on the highway to global control.

Here we have young, proud people, well brought up for the most part. They don't lie; they don't cheat; they don't steal; and they will do their best on any task put before them. It is an unforgiveable waste to train them and send them forth to do battle against other young, proud people of similar disposition -- for the benefit of a pack of scoundrels who've adopted lying, cheating, and stealing as a way of life.

If history repeats itself, 90 per cent or more of these young people will be discharged from the military in 10 years or less, and half or more of them will be crippled or dead. The talking heads who are currently gushing gratitude for their exploits will be equally adept at denying any responsibility for their plight in such a situation.

Another tragedy to be marked in the ledger of earned retribution.