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Canadians have been duped!
CAP Leader
The Honourable Paul Hellyer

We were led to believe that the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) were "free trade" agreements. They were not. They were primarily investment agreements. The Americans wanted free access to our industries and our resources, including our oil, our gas and soon, our water.

Of course, the FTA reduced tariffs over a period of 10 years. But this was happening anyway, under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). In fact, we gave up more than we gained on tariff reductions. However, that is nothing compared to what we lost on the investment front. The Americans wanted to buy us out for 65 cents on the dollar.

And they are!

On the day the FTA was signed, 3 Oct. 87, U.S. trade representative Clayton Yeutter let slip this observation: "We've signed a stunning new trade pact with Canada. The Canadians don't understand what they've signed. In 20 years, they will be sucked into the U.S. economy."

Yeutter was telling the truth. But our political leaders have never told us the truth. They still pretend that those two fatal agreements are about trade. They just won't admit that the two agreements are licences to buy Canada, lock, stock and barrel.

When Ronald Reagan signed the Free Trade Agreement, he accomplished what American generals and American armies were unable to do in 1776 and again in 1812-14 -- he conquered Canada. As of now, we have less than one year to take back control of our country or the occupation will become permanent. Then, annexation will become inevitable. That is the reason the next election is so important.

If either John Manley or Paul Martin succeeds Chr∫tien, Canada is a dead duck. Both are committed to policies that constitute Canada's death warrant, i.e., an open border and the substitution of corporate rule for democracy.

These "values" are not Canadian values.

The Liberals have been staunch defenders of the policies of Brian Mulroney, the American "mole" who sold us down the river. When the former prime minister told us at the time the FTA was signed that "Canada is open for business again," he should have been honest with us and said: "Canada is now up for sale to the highest bidder."

We are not anti-American; we are pro-Canadian. We think it is best for Canada, the U.S. and the world if each country retains its identity and its sovereignty.

The "National Treatment" Clause

Most Canadians, probably 98 per cent, have never heard of the "national treatment" clause. This is the clause that guarantees our demise as a nation state. When the FTA was signed, "national treatment" was a relatively new concept in international law that gave American investors equal rights in Canada as Canadian citizens.

We consider this to be morally wrong in principle. Ask yourself, "What is the advantage of citizenship if non-citizens have equal rights?"

In the real world, it gives foreign investors, mainly American, the unrestricted right to invest in Canada: (a) without conditions and, (b) without limits. We have lost the right to say that only foreign investment that is beneficial to Canada is welcome. And we have lost the right to say that they can't buy more than 50 per cent of our forest industries or 80 per cent of oil and gas reserves -- because the treaty says they can buy and own them all.

NAFTA -- Worse than the FTA

NAFTA is worse than the FTA because Chapter 11, the disputes settlement clause, allows U.S. and Mexican investors the right to sue us if any of our governments, whether federal, provincial or municipal, pass or amend a law that affects their current or future profits.

When Canada passed a law banning the importation into Canada and distribution within Canada of the manganese-based gasoline additive, MMT, the Ethyl Corporation sued us. After lawyers advised that we might lose the case, the government settled for C$20 million to cover legal costs. Worse, it agreed to repeal the law.

As if that's not bad enough, two cabinet ministers had to read statements to the effect that MMT isn't harmful to the health or the environment -- even though the latest scientific evidence suggests that MMT may indeed be harmful to health, especially to the health of children.

What kind of a democracy do we have when a foreign corporation can tell the Parliament of Canada what laws it can or cannot pass? This is little more than corporate blackmail.

There are other suits pending. Sun Belt Water Corporation of California is suing us for US$1.5 to $10.5 billion because we won't let it sell our water for export. United Parcel Service is suing for C$230 million, claiming that Canada Post has an unfair advantage with its Purolater courier service. And we taxpayers will have to pay if they win.

At this rate, Chapter 11 could cost us more than many social services.

It's Now or Never

Since the FTA was signed, about 13,000 Canadian companies have been sold to foreigners -- about 10,000 of those to Americans. These include the forest giant MacMillan Bloedel, Le Groupe Forex, Club Monaco, Tim Hortons, Laura Secord and the list goes on and on. Needless to say, when ownership leaves the country the best decision-making jobs leave with them. This has been a major contributor to the brain drain.

According to Crosbie & Co., a Toronto investment bank, foreign take-overs of Canadian companies reached a new record in 1999 -- more than doubling the previous record set in 1998. "You've got to be concerned that you're losing control of your own destiny," said Ian Macdonell, a partner in the company.

The pace of the sell-out is definitely quickening. Deputy Prime Minister John Manley, when he was trade minister, told the Financial Post in March 1999, that foreign ownership restrictions will come off transportation, telecommunications, and even the banks.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that it's only a matter of time until Air Canada will be bought by an American airline; Shaw and Rogers cable companies will go to U.S. interests; Bell Canada, with CTV in tow, will be bought by AT&T; and all of the Canadian banks, whether merged or not, will be controlled by international banks such as Citibank and Chase Manhattan.

CAP Coalition to the Rescue

The Canadian Action Party is promoting the merger of two or more existing parties into one big, new, progressive pro-Canada party that is not controlled by either big business or labour. Ideally, the new party would comprise the Progressive Conservative Party, or at least its progressive element, the New Democratic Party, the Canadian Action Party, the Greens, and patriots from the Liberal Party, the Alliance and several Qu∫bec parties.

At least some of these elements must come together immediately, before the 2004 election, to form one big party that would be dynamic enough to win that election.

There is no other hope of saving Canada and keeping it independent.


Goodbye Canada, by Paul T. Hellyer (ISBN 0-9694394-8-2), will inform you and others of how Canadians are being deceived by the proponents of "free trade" and globalization and how this great country is being sold out from under our very feet.

This is no accident.

Some of the richest, most powerful people on Earth have been pushing the "world without borders"idea, with the help of the most efficient propaganda machine in history.

In reality, they are replacing popular democracy with an unelected, unaccountable, "world government" -- a kind of corporate imperialism, intent on colonizing the smaller countries, for starters.

Knowledge is power.

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