Pre-emptive mass murder:
the Herodian strategy
By Sydney White

Iraq is a country broken by 12 years of bombing and rendered uninhabitable by 800 tons of depleted uranium; its children are born with gross deformities, and one and a half million are dead from leukemia, cancers and acute malnutrition. The sanctions, certain "weapons of mass destruction", had disallowed clean water and denied the delivery of medicine and food.

On this Dante-like canvas, bodies scattered the streets like neglected litter. Truckloads of dead civilians, mostly widows and orphans, all missing limbs, are trucked down the highways to mass graves. In hospitals, bare of everything except beds and harried doctors, lie more children. Their cauterized stumps extend from their bodies like supplicant branches; shrapnel embedded in their brains, redirects their thoughts or loses them.

This is the "liberation" of Iraq.

On the streets, faces from below the Macon-Dixon Line squint under helmets. One soldier remarks: "There's so many bodies here, you don't wanna be here," and walks on. How many bodies, we will never know. The "official" count after the first days of "Shock and Awe" was 2,000; we will never know the final count of the Iraqi dead.

However, the oil is untouched --"saved," Mr. Bush said, "for the Iraqi people." But before the bodies were cold, the invaders and their "coalition of the shilling" were drawing lots on the future privatized oil "of the Iraqi people." Ahmed Chalabi, the notorious embezzler, leading the legalized robbery of resources, was praised by our own David Frum as "democratic, market-oriented and pro-Western as any leader the Arab world has produced in half a century."1

I think that says it all.

The victims of this crime were bombed because they were sharing in their national resources to create a social infrastructure that gave them free health care and education up through university.

As we have witnessed over these many months of slandering and pandering, Iraq had no part in 911; they had no ties to Al Qaeda. They were not friends of bin Laden. They were a secular country with equal rights for women and the highest standard of living in the region. This was not a backward nation, but highly informed. Even the children lying wounded in the hospital knew why they had been attacked and said so.2

In the last days of the pretended "consult" with the U.N., when the props and window dressing required for the "ousting of the tyrant" were proven non-existent or plagiarized, the perpetrators simply ignored global protest and went immediately from bombast to bombing. In the aftermath of "Shock and Awe", libraries were burned and antiquities were looted from unguarded museums. As American tanks mowed the population before them like so much grass, "Operation Enduring Freedom" came to the Iraqis: freedom from their oil, their history and their lives.

During the invasion, Americans complained that Iraqis weren't playing fair. Like the Palestinians, Iraqis, without war technology, were using guerilla tactics and indulging in kamikaze behaviour such as suicide bombings. They were pretending to surrender and then shooting their captors. In fact, they were behaving exactly like people being invaded. In the wake of the "liberation", Iraqis protested against American occupation and many were shot. Today, lawlessness prevails and the only thing reigning is pandemonium.

Welcome to the new Palestine.

On May 13th, there were more bombings in Saudi Arabia and George Bush announced, "We can overcome anything in our path," and "They will learn the meaning of American justice." I think they already have; I would venture to guess, that's why they're bombing.


If, in fact, the goal of the Bush administration was to "bring democracy to Iraq," then the invasion was unnecessary. A little justice was far more likely to accomplish that. However, America's method of bringing democracy to the enemy has always been gratuitous demolition.

Nagasaki and Hiroshima were cooked in the new atomic bomb though their Emperor had written Truman asking for peace several times before the first nuclear holocaust was inflicted on them. The cities of Dresden and Dusseldorf were fire bombed to ashes, though they too, were home only to civilians. The recent "democracy" brought to Afghanistan is such that the Unocal leader can't leave his office for fear of his life. The war lords are back in place and the new opium crop is a bumper one.

None of these Armageddons were to bring democracy; Bechtel knows that. They've been making billions on urban renewal all over the globe ever since World War II. Bombing for Bechtel is an ongoing business.

The Wizard of Oil was at full throttle behind his curtain, in the campaign for war, telling the world that the U.S. didn't need a war for oil because they had lots of their own. However, they were buying oil from Iraq right up until they invaded. The propagandists would never reveal the worrying fact that the United States has lost much of its water table through drilling for oil. When just one well is brought in, tens of millions of gallons of water are forced down under the oil to flush it to the surface. In the process, the water is contaminated for the next 850,000 years! How much of America's water table is now toxic and useless? Whereas, Middle-East oil is close to the surface and the cheapest to access.

Today it's Iraq's oil, tomorrow it's Canada's water.

According to the Foreign Minister of Syria, who was interviewed on 60 Minutes, April 27, the war had to go forward because contracts with Halliburton, Bechtel and others were already signed between the First Gulf War, and this "war"-- including one for a pipeline of 2,500 kilometers to bring oil to the south of the region.

It is often asked why Bush misled dissident Iraqis to believe that he would assist them in their attempts to topple Saddam from within, and then watched them fail and die. Of course, Bush never intended to assist them.

It's logical from the U.S. point of view: if Saddam had been toppled from inside, the oil would still be a national asset and would not be open to privatization. In order for the U.S. to go on waging war for more resources, there must be total control over the distribution of the oil, so that future "threats to the security of America" can be cut off from this vital resource, taking them out of the game, or forcing them into a war of desperation. (Chavez, watch your back.)

Aside from oil, Iraq has a wealth of water in the Tigris and the Euphrates. The U.S. plan is to shunt these waters in a pipeline south to their partner, Israel, as soon as they have full control of Iraq.3

Another bonus for Israel, according to Professor Norman Finkelstein, is that it will be able to "transfer" the Palestinians under cover of the war.

During the invasion of Iraq, over a thousand men were taken from Palestine and missile attacks were ongoing. The "Road Map" put forward by Bush in an effort to appease the Arabs, is not acceptable to Sharon. He has sent his Minister of Tourism, Rabbi Benny Elon, to Washington to present his plan: all Palestinians will be registered as citizens of Jordan so that they may be transferred there, leaving Gaza and the West Bank to become part of Eretz Israel.

According to Barry Zwicker of Vision Television, the large Christian-Zionist contingent in the United States has backed Rabbi Elon in his efforts to discard the Road Map. Elon's plan suggests that to compensate the Palestinians for their land (and 35 years of dispossession), they could be given a part in the rebuilding of Iraq.4

People were dismayed when Hans Blix was not allowed to finish the job he was doing; and why was there such a rush by the Americans to go into Iraq, "regardless of whether Saddam left or not"?

Again, when you consider the actual goals of the U.S., it will be realized that if Blix had finished the job, whether he found weapons of mass destruction or not, Saddam would have been contained -- but the oil would still be a national asset, out of bounds for privatization.

The "one-sided war" as a U.S. general confided on CBC Newsworld, would be an immediate intimidation of the neighbouring countries. Iraq is the hub of the Middle East, placed strategically as the perfect military base from which to extend other "wars against terrorism".

As Eric Margolis has noted, "most of the surrounding nations have oil, and ipso facto, "terrorism". To confirm Eric's astute observation, shortly after America announced it was going to take its troops out of Saudi Arabia, (in order to distance themselves before they condemn and invade the Saudis), there was a "terrorist" bombing in Riyadh.

Bush is gathering the posse once again.

Lastly , in the first Gulf War, American corporations made $9 billion on oil and $49 billion on weapons; the Arabs made nothing. Huge profits for the same people are projected from this invasion.

Opportunity and Means

A government that colludes with big business to the brink of corporate fascism, would need an enemy from outside to bring its recalcitrant citizens along with government, instead of distrusting it. The creation of an opportunity for war is not new. As Sinclair Lewis wrote in It Can't Happen Here, 1935 (another book that has been taken off the shelves): "To bring all the elements in the country together by that useful patriotism which always appears upon threat of an outside attack, the government would immediately 'arrange' to be menaced in a well-planned series of deplorable 'incidents' and declare war as soon as America showed that it was getting hot and patriotic enough."

Remember the Lucitania? the Arch-Duke Ferdinand? Pearl Harbour? As free historians, such as Sutton and Quigley, state, these events were all known beforehand by the governments involved, and they were all created as opportunities for war.

In the United States, the militias were becoming so popular after Ruby Ridge and Waco, that only the Oklahoma bombing could stem the tide of citizens taking to the hills, anti-government guns in hand. Timothy McVeigh, the zombified perpetrator, it was agreed by all, could not have committed this act without help. However, after months of "interrogation" by the CIA, he demanded that he be "executed as soon as possible", doubtless before any of his original memories could surface.

This tragedy gave the militias a bad name and caused the burgeoning enrolment in anti-government groups to go down drastically.

The opportunity for the first Gulf War was created when April Glaspie gave a nudge and a wink to Saddam as he divulged his plan to reclaim Kuwait -- one reason being that they had been caught slant-drilling into Iraq! But his real crime was that he had refused to privatize the oil when the American delegation demanded it in 1989.

As soon as Saddam had made his fatal move into Kuwait, he was drummed out of the club. The U.N. was used as the means for sanctions; as it has been selectively used so many times to suit the United States. The United Nations is not the "New World Order" touted on midnight talk shows, but merely another obedient cog in the Old and New World Order of international bankers that now has a mortgage on the globe.

The first opportunity for the second "war" was created when George Bush was (s)elected after thousands of black voters were removed from the lists. The next opportunity was the attack on the World Trade Center. We do not need to repeat all the discrepancies occurring on that day, as expert analysts such as Noam Chomsky, William Thomas, Gore Vidal, and Michael Ruppert, among others, have established that the tragedy could have been averted. The corporations who made millions on the put options knew, and those within the administration who gave the order to "stand down" knew.

All the sordid details that have surfaced in the last two years are in the public domain and open to any amateur investigator. It was only last October that Ralph Schoenman, for many years chairman of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, twice stated on Toronto radio station TALK 640 AM, that "9/11 had been 'arranged' by the Mossad. 5

September 11 not only brought the American public together in "Shock and Awe", but it released the required anxiety and rage that was essential to the acceptance of the Orwellian "Homeland Security".

As the smoke cleared in Afghanistan without revealing Osama, the "Saudis" on the planes (including the seven who were alive and working elsewhere) suddenly morphed into Iraqis and Palestinians.

As George Bush and his posse harassed the United Nations in their haste to get to Iraq, Americans who were not CNN lobotomized, saw which way the wind was blowing and marched, for the first time in history, against a war that had not yet been declared!

The embedded political pundits were amazed and dismayed. They scrambled to contain this sudden and premature outbreak of dissent.

Anthrax letters suddenly ended up on the desks of famous newspeople, in the hands of soon-to-be famous postal workers and in strategic government buildings. The next day, people were off the streets and in their homes nervously watching their mail boxes.

No sooner did the anthrax scare fade away, after several deaths, than the "Beltway Snipers" came on the scene. The killings were "clean, professional and cleverly placed"; the FBI admitted they were stymied.

But fortunately for all the innocent customers of Home Depot and Walmart, who were now eating tranquilizers the size of Dad's Cookies, the "brilliant and elusive terrorists" were found - sound asleep in their run-down car, on the side of the highway. Just one man and a teenage boy, both of dark hue, who were meandering from one Kentucky Fried Chicken to another, and being noticed by many in the local malls. It was said that between fast food snacks, they took time out to climb into the small trunk of their heap, where, of necessity, in the foetal position, they would sight through a small peep hole with a big gun and expertly pick off folks half a mile away..

But even these death-dealing examples of terrorism on American soil did not bring all the people back to the rage- and-retaliation camp so eagerly sought by the administration. The propaganda machine was revved up to racing mode and I had the good fortune to be there and witness it. (On entering the United States, I had a nail file confiscated and my leather boots removed and scanned.)

During the month of February, a syndicated radio show led by a Glenn Beck, exhorted, harassed and chastised Americans for two hours every morning on their loyalty to America. Glenn was especially righteous about the anti-war group from Hollywood and declared, listing every one, that they would never work again. As for the Canadians who had denounced George's mental capacity and proclaimed Americans illegitimate, they were condemned to the lowest regions and warned of their abysmal destiny. He lauded those patriotic Americans who were busily pouring all French wine down the street sewers, suggesting appropriate ceremonies. Ramsey Clarke was "on the side of the Nazis" and all protesters were denounced as "helping Saddam".

Each Monday, Glenn would choose an American city, the first one being Albuquerque, New Mexico, where his listeners were directed to attend a "Rally for America". The following Monday, Glenn announced the numbers in Albaquerque, (about 400) and cited the next city chosen for this honour-Cleveland. The rallies, Glenn was quick to state, "were not pro-war" but in the next breath, admonished that "those who were not in favour of the war, were against the United States and our partner, Israel." Christmas was over, but it was "jingo all the way" on American air waves. It seemed as if the tail wagging America so furiously for so long, had indeed driven the dog mad.6

Back home, hearing Canada being chastised for not joining in the invasion, I asked a local politician why we were being condemned, while America's declared closest partner, Israel, was not in the war. He declined to answer. To a former U.N. observer, the "irrelevant in the living room" is obvious. Should Israel have joined in, the Americans would have exposed and destroyed at the same time, their long-standing and purposeful division of the Arab Bloc (which was once of one mind and influential at the U.N.).

The official partnering of Israel and America would have brought the Middle East to its feet as one. This was anathema to the Plan, so Israel was to keep a low profile until the U.S. had completed its control of Iraq. Then benefits would accrue to both. This has been borne out in predictions by Norman Mailer and Professor Norman Finkelstein..

When confronted with the hypocrisy of a war on Iraq for having "weapons of mass destruction", while Israel bristled with 250 hydrogen bombs, the U.S. propaganda machine happily reminded us that Iraq had signed an agreement banning weapons of mass destruction, whereas, the United States and Israel had NOT signed such an agreement.

The lesson here seems to be "Don't sign any agreement; but get a nuclear bomb as fast as you can, thus avoiding invasion or even disapproval."

Along with this kind of spurious logic, legalisms and fabrication were used by the Americans at the Security Council. We all remember the embarrassing "documents" quoted by Colin Powell, straight from an Arab-American student who promptly sued his government for plagarism.

Lastly, in a desperate attempt to keep freelance journalists from going into Iraq and bringing back confusing facts, they were warned by George Bush: "It will be dangerous. Don't go there." And indeed, it was, especially for the independent journalists who were in the Palestine Hotel.

There were at least a dozen journalists killed in Iraq; none of them were embedded in the invading forces. This number tops the several killed in Hebron and Jenin and the eight who were killed in Afghanistan. To paraphrase MacLuhan, "The media is the messenger" -- unless the messenger is killed.

The invaders did not bomb Iraqi television, as they did in Kosovo, but used it themselves for their own propaganda, which flowed out in a steady stream as Iraqis were dying. However, they did bomb Al Jazeera, killing one reporter, after it showed American prisoners and a lot of wounded and dead Iraqis. The U.S. is now working on the Emir of Qatar to stop Al Jazeera from disclosing any news that may be embarrassing or incriminating to America, the self-appointed guardian of those less fortunate.

Through a flawed voting system and media "lap dogs with lap tops" the United States has kept most of its citizens blissfully unaware of the fact that since 1947, their government has made no less than 250 unprovoked major military strikes everywhere from Panama to Iran.7

The Herodian strategy rolls on.

Evidence of premeditation

Before the invasion, an international body of archeologists specifically requested that the United States protect the museums and libraries of Iraq. This was not done. The Baghdad Museum was looted by professionals who left the copies and stole only the originals.

According to investigators, the Baghdad Library was burned to the ground by "professional arsonists." Treasured and irreplaceable history became drifts of charcoal.

The second group to approach the U.S. Administration before the invasion, was The American Council for Cultural Policy, a group of wealthy art dealers, headed by their treasurer, Mr. Pearlstein. They offered their services in taking charge of Iraq's antiquities and advised that the law keeping national artifacts in Iraq should be loosened to allow its treasures to be "dispersed to foreign nations and the U.S." The Archeological Institute of America protested vigorously because Pearlstein's group has suspect histories in collecting valuable artifacts, including "alleged exhibitions of Nazi loot".

It is not known whether the Archeological Institute was able to influence the Administration because the invasion ensued. However, it is known that 50,000 artifacts were looted, and the entire card catalogue of the Iraqi National Museum was destroyed, making it impossible to identify exactly what treasures were stolen. Since then, two members and the director of the President's Advisory Committeee on Cultural Property have resigned over what they call "the wanton and preventable destruction of Iraq's National Museum of Antiquities.8

Another broad hint of premeditation was the "Operation Shock and Awe" that was to drop 3,000 500-pound bombs on Baghdad within 48 hours of the initial attack. It got its name from another operation planned by the Israelis back in the '60s. "Operation Shah kin ah" was to capture the oil fields of Southern Iraq and use the old Trans Arabian or "Tap"line to pump the oil back to Haifa.. However, the time and the geo-political climate was not conducive to the plan, so it was put on the shelf until 200l, when the Israelis dusted it off and presented it to the Bush administration.9

No weapons of mass destruction were found by Hans Blix nor the invaders. On May 6, the United States admitted that "there probably were none".10

We are more interested in finding the Iraqi scientists, they said. In fact, on April 18, a retired French general told France's television channel 5 that there are 150 Israeli commandos inside Iraq right now, on a mission to assassinate 500 Iraqi scientists. A number of Iraqi scientists and professors have appealed to the world community to protect them from the U.S. aggression aimed at obliterating Iraq's minds. In their SOS E-mail to on April 11, they said that occupation troops demanded that they hand over all research in their possession.

Ahmed Chalabi, a world class embezzler, who left Iraq in the '50s and later left Jordan to escape a 22-year jail sentence, is the favourite of Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz to lead the privatization of Iraq's resources. In 2002, he was charged with mis-using $97 million of congressional monies in his self-styled "Iraqi National Congress"; and he was "washed up" in Washington. Today, however, McCain, Lieberman and Bush sing his praises. For years, Chalabi has been promising them that "American corporations in post-Saddam Iraq will have a big shot at Iraqi oil."

Despite all demands of disclosure being met by Iraq, and against all logic and world opinion, the United States has attacked a sovereign nation to get their "weapons of mass destruction" and one man. But as we've already pointed out, the Syrian foreign minister has revealed that the war must go ahead because the corporate contracts had already been signed.

The evidence clearly shows that this so-called "war" was an organized and premeditated mass murder, committed for the express purpose of confiscating and privatizing the national resources of a sovereign nation.

Who benefits?

The oil cartel and weapons manufacturers, some of whom are embedded in the administration of the United States, are the real beneficiaries. They have announced that the invasion will be paid for by Iraqi oil. In the first Gulf War, the U.S. made $9 billion on oil and $49 billion on weapons.

The United States hawks, and their partners in Israel who have always wanted to re-draw the map of the Middle East to their advantage, also benefited.

The United States will control and privatize Iraq's oil. Iraq will not return to a social infrastructure of free health care and free education. Their people will be reduced to penury and the American government will write their school text books -- just as they wrote the text books for Afghan children during the years when they needed warriors against the Soviet Union.

The Israelis will share in the oil profits and receive all the water they require from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Sharon's plan to discard the "Road Map" will proceed with the goal of "transferring" the Palestinians over to Jordan, annexing what is left of Palestine. Sharon will proceed to ignore the illegal settlements and continue his piece- by-piece plan.

Bechtel, Parsons, Cheney's corporation, Halliburton, (which has a contract of $7 billion to date), and other privateers, will pocket billions from the urban renewal of Baghdad and the rest of Iraq. George Schultz, the former Secretary of State, is on the board of Bechtel. America does have social benefits, but only for the corporations.

Out of this bonanza, the military-industrial complex, of which Eisenhower warned, will balloon into the Missile Defence Scam. The scientific community has already condemned this missile program as being flawed and dangerous. Apparently, the missiles do not recognize decoys. And the madness continues.

The fundamentalists on all sides will proceed with their plan for Armageddon, including the Christian Zionists of the Grace News Network who have now moved into Iraq. According to Barry Zwicker of Vision Television, Billy Graham's son has stated that "Islam is a wicked and evil religion" and he is one of the many influential Christian Zionists around Bush.

Mohamed El Masry of the Canadian Muslim Congress has said, "The 'Samaritans First' in Iraq will be a provocation. The Christian Zionist platform states: 'There is to be no Palestinian state and no withdrawal of any settlements.' They declare that 'Gaza is Israel' and are backing Rabbi Benny Elon all the way in his push to discard the Road Map, as minimum as it is."11

The so-called Iraqi Opposition, led by Ahmed Chalabi, will return and rule luxuriously for the Americans. The Committee for the "Liberation" of Iraq, headed by Randy Scheuneman and George Schultz of Bechtel are ready to move in. These chosen corporations have donated more than $3.6 million to the Republican party and are calling in their markers now.

Pearlstein's group of self-appointed art and artifact dealers may be allowed to remove antiquities from Iraq and rescind the law keeping Iraq's treasures in Iraq. Apparently there has already been a pre-emptive strike on the artifacts so the protests of the Archeological Institute are academic now. Aside from the experts who looted the museum and burned down Iraq's history, American soldiers are following their example and are going home singing, "I've got a cuneiform in my uniform."

On April 11, the loan sharks in the IMF and the World Bank announced their readiness to "help" Iraq with loans that require stiff interest and restructuring for privatization. But they will not advance any money "until there is a government in Iraq which will guarantee the payment of the loan."

Iraq will be another nation, wealthy in natural resources, like those in Africa and Latin America, which will be reduced to beggary and famine in order to pay the international pawnbrokers.

The Bush Administration, like most others, are in debt to the international "banksters" who infested America in 1913, as the "Federal" Reserve. Their interest in profitable depressions and wars is well known in monetary circles and in high and fearful political circles.

Meanwhile the Bank of England is searching for Saddam's money. On March 31, George Bush ordered all countries to forward all Iraqi monies in their banks, post haste, to the Federal Reserve's New York bank, under threat of lawsuits.

I rest my case.


In the court of world opinion and possibly, some just day, in an official World Court, charges will be laid against the Bush Administration. They will be charged with:

  • dropping 800 tons of depleted uranium in violation of all the humanitarian conventions, including the Geneva Convention, thus rendering the land of Iraq radioactive and uninhabitable, resulting in a shorter life expectancy for all its people;
  • imposing 12 years of sanctions and bombings on a defeated country, resulting in the deaths of 1.5 million people, mostly children;
  • employing misleading information to disguise the ongoing bombing of Iraq and also using disinformation to wrongfully indict Saddam for gassing the Kurds;
  • sending weapons inspectors into Iraq who gave their intelligence information to the United States, which used it to bomb infrastructure in Iraq;
  • employing plagiarism and disinformation at the U.N. Security Council to promote an illegal invasion of Iraq;
  • accusing a sovereign nation, against contradictory evidence, of harbouring weapons of mass destruction in order to further an illegal invasion; and
  • committing an illegal, pre-emptive and unnecessary military strike on Iraq, resulting in the mass murder of civilians and the looting and destruction of its necessary infrastructure, natural resources, and national archeological treasures.

The Jury of Public Opinion now stands to make its verdict known:

We, the informed and rational Citizens of the World, accused the United States and Britain of making preparation for an illegal and unnecessary invasion as we marched around the globe in protest Citizens of all walks of life, regardless of weather, and warnings from their complicit governments, marched before the invasion and after the invasion. After hearing the plagiarized "evidence" of the United States; after seeing the bloody evidence of the invasion; after witnessing killings of the independent journalists in Iraq by the U.S. military; after hearing a U.S. general announce "Sometimes we take prisoners; sometimes we kill a few", and in the full knowledge that Iraqis had nothing whatsoever to do with the crime perpetrated at the World Trade Centre, we who are aware of the dangers in corporate fascism have come to the conclusion that the invasion of the sovereign nation of Iraq was a pre-meditated, pre-emptive, organized mass murder in the first degree, committed for gain.

It is another, larger blot on those in the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave" as there is no freedom in death and no bravery in the destruction of a dying nation.

As the blood and bones of Iraqi widows and orphans become the mortar for Bechtel, it must bring tears even to the stony eyes on Mount Rushmore. What has become of Jefferson's America? of Lincoln's? of Jackson's?

America is a vassal of the same corporate totalitarianism and bankers' cartel that these men fought. Her people are finally in the debtors' dungeon that was prepared for them in 1913. As for the "rag and bone men" who mortgage all life to the false paper they lend, they do indeed "buy when the blood runs in the streets".

Father do not forgive them, for they do know what they do."

We who marched and wept remind America, a deceived and misled nation, that no amount of propaganda will erase this heinous crime.

The moving finger writes
And having writ, moves on
Nor all your piety nor wit
Can lure it back
To cancel half a line.

Omar Khayyam
Persia A.D.1123

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