How do you stop a Republican?

Easy. Hit him in the pocketbook. Like many political parties, Republicans are forced to sell themselves to the highest corporate bidders. It is expected that Pres. Bush will raise $200 million for the 2004 election. The Democratic candidate cannot hope to raise even close to that.

Any American or Canadian who opposes the Republican agenda and Bush's unpopular policies, whatever their political bent -- can choose to take action to help make re-election of Bush and his fellow Republicans more difficult in 2004. It's called redirecting your purchasing power. This will be effective if you inform the corporate supporters of whatever action you choose to take and why.

Following is a list of some of the major corporations providing financial support for Bush and the Republican agenda. If enough consumers contact them to express concern and their intention to redirect their business if such support continues, they may withdraw this support. Don't limit your complaint to one contact. Call and write them often to multiply the pressure for change. (You will be more credible if you are unfailingly polite.)


Amway: General Public Inquiries-Switchboard: (616) 787-6000

Phillip Morris (Altria): (800) 343-0975, prompt 4
[Monday - Friday, during the hours of 9 am to 5 pm (ET)],

PepsiCo, Inc.: (914) 253-2000

Wal-Mart: (800) 925-6278

Archer Daniels Midland: (800) 637-5843; Email:

Anheuser Busch: (800) 342-5283;

Bristol Myers Squibb: (212) 546-4000

Pfizer: (212) 733-2323; Email:

Glaxo SmithKline: (888) 825 5249; Email:

Schering Plough: (908) 298-4000

BP Amoco:

Exxon Mobil: type=0&Category=General%2520Comments&Email=1&Title=General%2520Comments

Texas Utilities: (800) 368-1398; Email:

General Electric: (203) 373-3476; Email:

MBNA: (800) 932-2775

Limited Brands Inc.: (614) 415-7000

News Corp. (FOX) : (212) 852-7017; Email:

Citigroup: (800) 285-3000


UPS: (800) 742-5877

Microsoft: (888) 346-3704;

AOL: (800) 827-6364

SBC: (800) 351-7221; Email:

Federal Express: (800) 463.3339; 4&first=y&formpage=general

McDonalds: (800) 244-6227; Email: