Seeking a balanced perspective
By Craig Nicholson

There are many situations in the world today that are cause for deep concern. These are not just things like wars and international terrorism, but the reduction in personal liberty and privacy that have accompanied recent government security laws.

More indirectly, there has been immense suffering and deaths of large numbers of people due to the activities of some politicians, dictators, drug lords, big bankers, pharmaceutical and other corporate giants, etc., who have exploited people and the environment for personal gain.

It sometimes seems like we are fighting for our survival, our well being, and for truth on several fronts. It can be frustrating trying to discern what is truth and what is misinformation in the media.

It's easy to get negative or cynical and into the victim mode of blaming everyone else for our problems. This increases our tendency to see situations in black and white. But life is extremely complex on the physical level. Some free thinkers believe that they are justified in taking the law into their own hands, like refusing to pay income tax. I believe they are misunderstanding the bigger picture, and lowering themselves towards the levels of the lawless.

There is much more to life than just the physical, and we are all engaged at some level in a spiritual warfare of defending truth, principles, etc., and working on becoming who we really are.

There is much misinformation as well as to who we really are. There are abundant texts that reveal that Jesus and the early Christians believed in the immortality of the soul, and that the goal of life for everyone was to outpicture their own innate Divinity. Many very revealing scriptures have been discovered in the past century that were excluded from the Bible, especially the 13 books found in Egypt in 1945, now called The Nag Hammadi Library. (See The Nag Hammadi Library by James M. Robinson and The Secret Teachings of Jesus: Four Gnostic Gospels by Marvin Meyer.) Also very revealing is the fact that The Book of Enoch from the Old Testament was not included in the Bible. It talks of the fallen angels and how they embodied among mankind. (See Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil: Why Church Fathers Suppressed the Book of Enoch and Its Startling Revelations by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.)

Those fallen angels may be part of the very ones who are deciding, via the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilder-bergers, and others, what gets attention today in the mass media and what doesn't.

Whether they be fallen angels or not, these people of malicious intent have infiltrated many organisations. It is easy for us to get into name calling, saying that it is the Zionist Jews or the Free Masons or the American government who are manipulating world events from behind the scenes. But once again, things are never that black and white.

These organisations have a lot of good people in them doing a lot of good work. We cannot deny the good part of them just because there are some rotten apples among them -- just as you cannot claim that Islam is a bad or terrorist religion just because fanatics misinterpret its doctrine for their own means. There are many wonderful people from all faiths around the world, and we need to be careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water.

Also, many Canadians thrive on America-bashing. But there are many countries in the world that would make much worse neighbours, and the original American Constitution is the best I've seen on this planet. The current and recent actions of the U.S. government which we find so questionable are the result of a small minority of people (the power elite, etc.) who have acted contrary to their constitution and the will of the average good-willed American, with the aid of massive media deception.

It's very easy for us to falsely judge or stereotype people or countries.

God considers more valuable the quality of our hearts and the works of our hands than what we intellectually believe, so balance is definitely needed, including with our reading up on conspiracy theories.

Talking of works, there is much we can do on a spiritual level, including through silent and spoken prayer, to help the many challenges that we face personally and around the world. It can also help us realize what an amazingly wonderful and ingenious universe we live in, where justice will eventually prevail, and all things will eventually turn out right. (For more on these above subjects, see page 1 and 2 of

Part of being balanced is to prepare for the worst but live for the best. Preparing for disaster, or a nuclear or biological war, or terrorism, or other possible catastrophy is like an insurance policy. We don't do it because we definitely believe and fear that something bad will happen. We do it just in case, so it gives us more peace of mind while we carry on living positive and constructive lives.

Some believe that as long as they have faith in God, no preparations are needed, and they'll be safe. I think that God expects us to be practical and to prepare, and still have faith that all will go well. The same goes for wearing a seat belt on the highway.

There is much good information around to help with prepared. Go to; and http://www. Joel Skousen also puts out an excellent weekly "World Affairs Brief". Another good resource is Surviving Terrorism by Jarret Wollstein (see It's not cheap, but you get what you pay for, including lots of financial tips.

Being practical is a part of being balanced. God helps those who help themselves. Life is what you make it, in this totally amazing universe!

Craig Nicholson is a writer, inspirational speaker, professional pilot, and the author of the website Balance for Wholesome Living at