Writing the Wrongs
By Sydney White

As predicted, the Road Map has become Road Kill and Bush finds himself between Iraq and a hard place, where "settlers"defend lone and empty caravans on Palestinian hilltops, in defence of their Biblical "inheritance". Inflicting their self-fulfilling prophecies, religions have contributed as much to war as the ever-popular greed. Meanwhile Palestinian resistance leaders are executed by missiles and civilians are imprisoned by the hundreds. As predicted, Sharon is still, quietly and sub rosa, encouraging more settlements. Despite the three-month ceasefire offered by all Palestine militant groups on June 25, Israel reserved its "right" to continue its assassinations.

Sadly for CNN, the only weapons of mass destruction are those about to be jettisoned into space by Bush and his predatory administration. The Canadian government has already bent the knee to the Imperial Eagle by offering, without our consent, to join the Missile Defence scam. You see, if we don't join, the U.S. won't be able to explode their missiles over Canada. It may cause an American outcry if they drop all that radioactive energy on their own people; even now the daily body bags from Iraq and Afghanistan are causing criticism at home. But the U.S. junta has solved that problem: 40 thousand Iraqis are being trained to "defend Iraq, but not for suppression". Really.

Apparently in future U.S. invasions, after capturing the country they will conscript its own inhabitants to destroy "pockets of resistance" to the occupation. I wonder if the Iraqis will be as reluctant as Arafat to attack their own forces? But it keeps Walmart shoppers calm. Besides, other countries, like us, are picking up the tab after each invasion; we will have 1,800 soldiers in Kabul by August. Now that's the best encouragement we could give the U.S. to proceed with their planned global resource robberies. They invade; we get the local anger and the body bags. That's what comes of a defence minister who did not know what Dieppe was. But he was chairman of the Royal Bank. I rest my case.

Back home, the privacy commissioner, who was known as a stickler, who took his job seriously and was a thorn in the side of some, was forced to resign. He was accused of over-spending and supposedly misleading Parliament. I'll bet it won't be a temporary resignation like Stockwell's. What's coming down the pike regarding our privacy, that Radwansky might have objected to?

Speaking of over-spending, the Rolling Stones are getting $10 million for telling the world that Toronto is clean. Why not spend the 10 million on showing that Toronto is clean by washing the pavements of the dirt and the gum that sticks to my shoes? On Saturday, July 5, Gary Carr, the post-Stockwell Conservative speaker of the Legislature, stated that Ernie delivered the budget at Magna Auto Parts instead of in the House, to avoid Question Period. On Aug. 8, we found out that this television "first" cost the taxpayers $206,000. On Aug. 14, while sitting in dark, hot, waterless homes, we found out just how much more Ernie's privatization plans will cost us. You may not have to worry about Question Period after the next vote Ernie.

My definition of "fundamentalism" -- "we've got funding and we're mental" -- has been confirmed once and for all. Like the Cole Porter song, "Instead of the Puritans landing on Plymouth Rock, the rock should have landed on them." It was announced in Toronto, on prime time radio, that Prince William was the coming "anti-Christ". This was not just a one-time banshee wail from a self-serving and lunatic propheteer. From 11 p.m. until 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights during four weekends, popular host Gary Bell built his "case" against Prince William to millions of listeners on Talk 640AM and the Internet.. He presented such iron-clad evidence as William has "Arthur" as one of his names; William was born on June 21st, an occult date; the royal family is of the House of David -- the only family destined to produce the anti-Christ; the next pope will be the false prophet to go along with the anti-Christ; and J. K. Rowling's book is getting people ready to accept the anti-Christ. At one point, he asked his listeners: "Can't you just see the paganists gathered around Prince William at his birth?" Callers, largely fundamentalist, quoted the Bible and agreed with him. Bell would reply to his audience, "I'm just trying to point out the anti-Christ. I think it's William." To the few who objected to Bell's theories, he defended his judgment of William, by asking them: "What if an incredible nuclear explosion happened in the United States and would wipe out America's protection of Israel? Then those 'on the other side' would make their move and ask, 'Can anyone save us?' Then someone says 'I have the answer.' But the anti-Christ has been getting ready." The effect of a nuclear explosion in the U.S. seemed of little moment to Mr. Bell, any more than the possible effects of his case against William.

I have never been sought after by monarchists, but the victim of this dangerous and ultimate slander is just a 21-year old , who has already lost his mother. From the weekend of May 31 right up to the weekend of the Prince's birthday, Gary Bell's vitriolic "evidence" rolled on. At 1 a.m. on June 22, I called the station and told the screener that Gary Bell was dangerously inciting hatred of a particular person, as was obvious in the agreement of his callers from the religious right. The screener assured me that no one could get to the Prince anyway. On the following afternoon, Aaron Barschak proved him wrong. If a rabid fundamentalist decides to prevent the "anti-Christ" from coming to the throne and gains access to Prince William as easily as Barschak did, will Bell's disclaimer protect him and his station from legal action by the royal family? I hope not.

A member of the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform, Sydney White teaches "Studies in Propaganda" in Room 177, University College Building, at the Free University of Toronto. The first class of the next series begins Monday, Oct. 6, 6-8 p.m.