Crusade Against Slavery
The Christian Heritage Party
by National Leader Ron Gray

Since 1995, the CHP has been the ONLY political party campaigning for Canada's Federal Government to take the lead in a world crusade against slavery and exploitive child labor. Repeated appeals from the CHP Leader to the Prime Minister have all been met with stony silence, while he pushes more and more 'Team Canada' missions to develop trade with nations which still use or allow these odious practices.

Most Canadians aren't aware of how widespread slavery is today. Because slavery was abolished in Canada in the 1830s and in the United States 30 years later, we tend to think that slavery is a relic of the past. But it's not. Slavery is widely practised in North Africa and in the radical Wahhabi-influenced Islamic nations of the Middle East; but nowhere is it as openly flaunted as in Sudan under the Mullahs and in China under Communism. In addition, those nations are the world's worst offenders in persecution of religious and political minorities. But others are indictable, too: Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Cuba, Algeria, Libya, Burma...

How can a modest, middle-power nation like Canada influence all these nations? Well, certainly not by encouraging more trade with them!

China now commands about 25 per cent of the retail market in Canada - and some of their goods in our stores are made by slave labour. Indeed, some are actually manufactured by Chinese companies that are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the People's Liberation Army. When we buy those goods, we help to arm a nation that is sworn to destroy us!

In addition, it is now well-documented that China imprisons and tortures religious and political minorities (like Christians and the Falun Gong), uses them as slave labor, and sometimes even executes them and sells their organs to highly-placed Communist officials, or on the international black market.

Canada could lead a world crusade to compel those nations to observe humane standards, if they wish to continue to trade with us. We could simply require that importers who wish to bring goods into Canada from those countries must obtain a document from the offices of Canadian Trade Commissioner Service abroad (or the co-operating embassies of nations that represent us where we have no embassy), certifying that no slave or exploitive child labor was used in the production of those specific goods. Otherwise the goods would be embargoed from entering Canada.

Many popular products would disappear from our stores overnight, but domestic manufacturers would soon arise to fill the need. The prices might be higher, but your neighbour would be working instead of drawing welfare, and your tax burden would be commensurately reduced.

Canada alone could not bring these barbaric nations to treat their minorities in a civilized manner. But remember that Canada was a leader in the world struggle against Apartheid -- if we took a lead in the crusade against slavery and child labor, we could soon win the support of the Scandinavian countries, then Europe, and eventually the United States.

It can be done!

We can defeat slave and child labor, and the oppression of religious and political minorities, if we have the will to try, to even make a start. To date, Ottawa has shown that it values trade more than humanity. The only way to change that policy is to support the only federal party that has been campaigning against these evils: the CHP. Even if the CHP were not elected, significant support for the Christian Heritage Party would send Ottawa a message: Canadians want these and other moral issues addressed by our government.

It all starts with YOU, and your support-your membership in the CHP, your donation to help fund the CHP's crusade for Biblical principles in public policy, and your support for the CHP at the ballot-box.

Will you join in our crusade?

The Christian Heritage Party is a Christian political party. Its founding convention was held in Hamilton in 1987. Although we have not yet elected a member to parliament, our objective is to provide true Christian leadership; to defend, promote and uphold Biblical principles in federal legislation; and to gain seats in parliament so that we can have a direct influence on policy changes. Learn more about CHP by visiting our website at