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Discourse & Disclosure is published about four times yearly to provide thinking Canadians with the real stories behind today's issues and a forum in which to air their views and seek solutions. If you have a story that Canadians should hear, please submit it for publication, together with any substantiating documents you may have. The writer's name, address and telephone number must accompany each submission. Except for copyrighted articles, permission is hereby given to other publications to quote Discourse & Disclosure, in whole or in part, so long as full credit is given, including address.


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Sue Potvin

Regular Contributors include:
Ron Gray
Honorable Paul Hellyer
Diana Jewell
Eva Lyman
Alan Macdonell
Sydney White

Occasional Contributors and Alumni include:
Scott Adams
Jan Barry
Matthew Behrens
Edward F. Benson
Howard Bertram
Marc Bombois
John Richard Bowlby
J.Gordon Coleman
Duff Conacher
Steve Corrie
Thomas Deer
William Dascavitch
Robert Dowdell
Joseph W. Duggan
D. Rhea East
Patrick Ellis
Maureen Farrell
Don Findlay
Connie Fogal-Rankin
Charles U. Frey
Davey Garland
Elaine Griffith
Tony Hall, Ph.D
Jeff Halper
J. Carlisle Hanson, Q.C.
Cliff Hume
Derek Jones
Donald D.Keir
Tom Kennedy
F. Fred Kirkman
Bruce H. Knapp
David Krieger
Michaele Kustudic
Jack Nakamoto
Frank Nixon
Dr. Jan Oberg
David Orchard
Daniel Breithaupt
William Rivers Pitts
Boyce Richardson
Robert S. Rodvik
Donald W. Scott, MA., M.Sc.
Jan Slakov
Ero Talvila
Robert Turcotte
John Welham
Christine Whitacker
Herb Wiseman

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