The Financial Party of Canada... is partying!


Financial Party of Canada

A new and radically different political party has started in Canada. The Financial Party starts its reform
where no other political party dares to go... at the very heart of our corrupt monetary & financial system.

Their key ideas include:

Automatic Money creation directly by the people... not the government or the banks.
Money would be created instantly as people perform socially productive labour.
Money would be 100% backed by socially productive labour already performed.

When money is spent, it is extinguished. Money does not recirculate.
Work an hour, spend an hour... that's all there is to it!

Free public capital would be equally available to everyone.
There would be no debt, interest or profit.

People contribute to society in more ways than just their paid employment.
A National Endowment Fund would be established to recognize this.
The Fund would provide a guaranteed annual income to every adult.

Education would not only be free... students would be paid to learn.
Free healthcare, including dental and drugs, would be available for all.

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