Star Wars is UN-Canadian
Canada is wrong to support U.S. Anti-Missle Defense
"Canada's decision in principle to support the U.S. missile defense system is morally wrong," says Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defence and Leader of the Canadian Action Party. "It will be seen as affirmation of the Pentagon's plan to impose U.S. 'values and interests' on a global basis.

"Prime Minister Paul Martin and his ministers are deceiving Canadians when they speak of the system as one designed to protect North America," Hellyer added. "That was just the initial White House spin, comparable to the weapons-of-mass-destruction ruse used to justify the Iraq war."

One has only to consult the Pentagon document "Rebuilding America's Defenses", now better known as "A Plan for the New American Century", to find the truth. "Building an effective, robust, layered, global system of missile defenses is a pre-requisite for maintaining American pre-eminence," it says. "Unrestricted use of space has become a major strategic interest of the United States."

Implementation will be assigned to a new service called "Space Command". Its mission will be "the ability to assure access to space, freedom of operation within the space medium, and an ability to deny others the use of space."

Commenting on this Pentagon plan, Hellyer said: "The multi-layered anti-missile system, of which the final step is to be the installation of weapons of mass destruction, will prove to be very unsettling to other powers and will inevitably contribute to a new arms race."

"The U.S. plan for unilateral world dominance is totally contrary to Canadian multilateralism and we should not be part of it," Hellyer added, "and to suggest that a 'seat at the table' would give us some influence is total nonsense."

"Canada should build up its own armed forces to be used for constructive purposes, rather than acting as a stamp of approval for unilateral U.S. militarism," he concluded.