Urge to merge looking more like a takeover
Progressive Conservative members across the country are at odds with the move by PC Leader Peter MacKay and Alliance Leader Stephen Harper to merge the two parties into the new Conservative Party of Canada.  Some see the whole process as a takeover more than the urge to merge.
The PC Party Management Committee met in Ottawa this past weekend to decide what the process should be for ratification of the now infamous Agreement in Principle.
Despite being inundated with messages from members who asked them to do otherwise and despite being warned of one legal opinion that outlines possible illegalities in not adhering to the constitution of the PC Party, the committee members decided to proceed with the vote for ratification -- just as those pulling the strings from behind the scenes have proclaimed it should be done.
And will the December vote be a fair one?
Not if members of the Alliance Party have their way.  Many of them have already taken out dual membership so they can add their considerable weight to the life-and-death vote within the PC Party.  Memberships have grown by more than 3,000 to date -- and are still climbing.  Is it any wonder long-time members of the PC Party feel they are being swamped?  that they are losing all control of the party to which they have given their loyalty and support for so long?
Do you, like many others, see this as a merger?  A takeover?  A travesty of justice?